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the Period of Harlem Renaissance and the art of langston hughes

Literature created during the Civil Rights Movement in America has always drawn audiences, and there are poets and authors who have made important contributions to the creation of a specific literary style of this time. Langston Hughes is a well-known American poet whose poetry became especially well-known and endearing during…

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Harlem Renaissance Period

The Harlem Renaissance was a social and cultural movement that occurred in Harlem towards the end of the World War I until the mid-1930s. During that period Harlem was a popular cultural focal point attracting authors, scholars and photographers, fleeing from the oppressive political regime of the south. The main…

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Political environment and Renaissance Harlem

The Harlem Revival in the early 20th century was the expansion of New York’s Harlem community into a black urban mecca (Weaver, 12). Furthermore, as a result, it was the artistic and eventual social explosion that occurred. That time was well-thought-out as a golden era of African American culture in…

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