100 Powerful Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Have you ever tried to think of good cause and effect essay topics? It’s not an easy thing, considering how difficult it is to come up with something that would please you and your professors both. And having to write it makes everything even more difficult: what if you can’t find enough sources for support? What if your research leads you into a dead-end? Fortunately, we have solutions for all these problems. The first thing students should do is make sense of what cause and effect ideas are and why anyone needs to write an essay based on them.  This category of writing means exploring an issue, the reason behind it, and the impact it has. Writers should focus on what causes this issue and what results it has.

These tasks are vital because they develop and stimulate critical thinking, making a student look into the core of a problem and analyze several of its aspects at once. You do not just learn how to identify a problematic subject: you grow to realize what causes it and what consequences it has. This way, you’ll be more prepared to build links between events, which will help you in academic life. But how to find a topic? You’ll discover it below.

Tips for Choosing Great Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

For meeting requirements while making writing interesting for you, there are some tips you could follow. They have a general nature, so they’ll be fitting in most assignments. Use them unless a professor gave you specific instructions and demanded that you stick to them.

  1. Find a balance between interesting & academic. Our world has so many problems that a person wouldn’t be able to list them all in one day. Every issue has a reason explaining it, and naturally, it has some consequences. So, look around and find ideas for cause and effect essays that you’d potentially like to explore. The topic has to evoke some passion in you. Don’t overdo it, though: if you study at university, you cannot pick something too easy and personal that doesn’t meet academic standards. For example, if you want to talk about a TV show that angered you, do not merely focus on your opinion: speculate about political causes that make show-runners to ruin potentially good shows.
  2. Brainstorm alone or with others. After settling on several ideas and forming a cause and effect essay topics list, students should discuss it with their friends or just brainstorm by themselves. What topic seems more interesting? What would you enjoy investigating more? Perhaps you’ll change your mind or come up with a new idea during brainstorming.
  3. Check sources. Are there any credible sources about your topic? Check this because if your theme is too rare, you won’t be able to present it properly.
  4. Confirm with professor. After you narrow down the cause-and-effect list and make a final choice, discuss it with your teacher. It’s not obligatory, but it is always better to consult before committing to writing an important paper.

100 Best Cause and Effect Topics Developed for You

Using online lists compiled by people who’ve done their share of writing academic essays is another great solution for those who look for inspiration. Maybe you aren’t ready for coming up with your own writing prompts – if this is the case, don’t worry, it’s not a problem. Look at 100 diverse options below. They are put into 10 common categories students usually love to explore. Some of them are focused on cause, some on effect, and others on both of them.

Topics for College Students

These cause and effect essay topics for college have been developed for this specific level of education. So, if you are a college student, they could be helpful.

  1. What Causes Depression Among People & What Impact Does It Have on Them?
  2. What Makes Young People Interested in Getting Their Personal Cars?
  3. The Influence Frequent Partying Has on People’s Education & Work
  4. Why Divorces Happen with Such Frequency and What Lessons People Extract From It
  5. Why Is Staying At Home for Lengthy Periods Difficult & How Is It Expressed?
  6. What Makes People with Addiction Relapse & How It Affects Their Mental State?
  7. Why Is College Time Considered Fun & What Expectations It Creates Among Youth?
  8. What Causes Underage Drinking and How It Affects Other Generations?
  9. Why Are Men Less Enthusiastic About Marriage Than Women?
  10. Why Do Many Siblings Consider Each Other Rivals & Its Impact On Their Personality

Fun and Easy Cause and Effect Essays Topics for High School

If you’re interested in easy cause and effect essay topics that would fit high school level, check these out.

  1. Effect of Bullying on the Development of Children and Their Ability to Adapt
  2. What Makes People Passionate About Having Online Argument?
  3. Why Do Teens Like to Play Truant & What Repercussions They Face
  4. What Is Special About Christmas & How It Influences Population?
  5. What Makes People Want to Dress Up for Halloween?
  6. Why Do Moms Insist on Their Children Cleaning Their Rooms Up?
  7. What Is the Purpose of Homework & What Relevance Does It Have?
  8. How Does Getting a Pet Change Their Owners?
  9. Why Is Writing Fanfiction Fun & How Does This Affect Fandoms?
  10. Why Is the Finale of Supernatural Disappointing & How Bad Writing Influences Fan Community

Social Issues

Every person is bothered by everyday problems. Society has them as a whole, too, and these effect essay topics reflect it.

  1. Why Are So Many Children Forced to Work From Young Age & What It Does to Their Mindsets
  2. What Cases Queerbaiting & How Contributes to Homophobia
  3. Why Does Homelessness Exist and What Kind of Issues It Creates?
  4. Cycle of Abuse: What Starts It & What Impact It Has on Victims
  5. What Makes People Cheat & In Which Ways It Affects Relationships
  6. Misinformation as well as Its Dangers: How It Occurs & What Effect It Has
  7. How Religious Oppression Started and What Scars It Left
  8. Quality of Drinking Water: Why Did This Problem Appear
  9. How Did Racism Start & Profound Effects This Issue Produced on Generations to Come
  10. Gender Inequality: Its Rise, Evolution, & Impacts

Cause and Effect Essay Topic Ideas About Historical Issues

Are you looking for history-related topic for cause and effect essay? That’s understandable: history is a curious area, and investigating it could be fascinating.

  • How Did WW1 Start & Its Effect on the World
  • How Could So Many Nazis Readily Commit Atrocities: Effects of Mass Violence Desensitization
  • Why Japan Chose to Attach the US & What It Resulted In
  • Causes and Results of Arab Spring: Examination of the Past & Present
  • Why Does the US Invade Other Countries Under False Pretenses?
  • How and Why Did Cartels Come Into Existence
  • How Did the Concept of Immigration Start Historically & What It Changed Into Now
  • Unique Isolated Regimen in North Korea: Explore Reasons Along with Consequences
  • Real Reasons Showing Why USSR Fell Apart & Where Its Countries Ended Up
  • Why Religion Has Killed So Many People & How This Affects People’s Faith

Educational Problems

Education is a sphere that’s relevant for all students. That is why it’s easy to find a good cause and effect topic here.

  1. What Causes Changes in Modern American Education & How It Affects Students?
  2. Why Do Some Professors Choose Public Colleges While Others Stick to Private Ones?
  3. Why Some People Change Their Majors During Studies & How It Influences Their Life
  4. Why Are Universities So Expensive & How It Affect Rates of Applications
  5. Popularity of Online Education: How It Came to Be & What It Implies About Our Future
  6. Why Do Some Parents Choose Homeschooling for Their Kids?
  7. Causes Underlying Emergence of Same-Sex Educational Establishment
  8. Lack of Professionalism of Individual Teachers: How & Why Are They Hired?
  9. What Makes Studying Process Boring for Many Students
  10. Why Living on Campus Is Often Impossible

Mental Health and Healthcare Ideas

With COVID scare and overall health issues, healthcare could offer interesting and educative ideas for cause and effect essay.

  1. What Causes Sleep Issues Among People Busy With Work
  2. Why Giving a Speech Is Scary & What This Fear Leads To
  3. Why Did COVID Appear and What Changes This Phenomenon Brought to the World
  4. What Cause Panic Attacks & How People Suffering From Them Lead Their Lives
  5. Lung Cancer: Why It Appears & Destructive Effects on a Body It Has
  6. Chinese Medicine: Analysis of Its Emergence & Helpful and Damaging Effects It Evokes
  7. How Did Therapy Appear & Why Is It Effective for Some & Ineffective for Others
  8. Blindness That Adults Suffer From: Its Reasons & Impacts
  9. How Can Pack Mentality Be Explained: Causes Together With Results
  10. Truth Behind Birth Control & Effects It Has on Women’s Bodies

Social Media and the Internet Topics

How about looking for cause and effect essay topic related to social media? Most young people are interested in this sector, so writing about it is easy as well as exciting.

  1. What Is It About ASMR Videos That People Love So Much
  2. What Causes Online Trolling & How Other Users React to It?
  3. Explain How Facebook Appeared & What Roles This Platform Plays in People’s Lives
  4. Discuss How internet Appeared and How It Transformed Modernity
  5. Online Shopping: How Much Easier Is It To Buy Things Now?
  6. Why Do People Become Addicted to Video Games?
  7. What Explains Appearance of Doxxing & Its Consequences?
  8. Analyze Popularity of Google and Explain Why Most People Pick It
  9. What Encourages People to Register on Online Dating Forums?
  10. Explain Principle Lying Behind Cell Phone Basic Plans

Politics Cause and Effect Essays Ideas

Political cause effect essay topics are often controversial and exciting. Here is a sample of what you could expect.

  1. Elaborate on the Role of Politics in COVID Prevention: What Causes Some Countries to Suffer More?
  2. What Affects Countries’ Decisions on Immigration?
  3. Which Factors Determine Changes in Country’s Political Course?
  4. Discuss Why Some Countries Have Nuclear Weapons and What This Means for Everyone Else
  5. Why Does Money Control Everything & How Is It Expressed?
  6. Why Wars Still Exist and How They Affect the World
  7. Why Did People Vote for Trump: Exploration of Causes
  8. Most Americans Prefer Obama as Their President: Why?
  9. For What Reason Most Presidents Choose on Participating in Re-elections?
  10. Discuss Connection between Politics and Poverty: How One Affects The Other?

Nature and Environment

More and more people grow determined to protect environment. Here are some cause essay topics about it.

  1. Causal Relation between Animal Cruelty and Nature Destruction
  2. Why Do People Eat Meat & What This Does to the World
  3. Why Spending Time Away from Cities Improves People’s Mood
  4. Connection between Cars & Deteriorating State of Nature
  5. Why Is Weather Forecasting Inefficient?
  6. How Does Extinction of Animals Start & Where It Leads?
  7. What Makes Glaciers Melt at Such Pace?
  8. Changing Water Temperature & Its Effect on Fish
  9. What Causes Fishing to be Comforting for People?
  10. Reasons Why Being a Vegan Is Difficult

Technology and Innovations Topics

Without technology, our life wouldn’t be the same. Consider good cause and effect topics below to get some related ideas!

  1. Incorporating Technology Into Business: How It Happened & In What Way It Facilitated Operations
  2. What Causes Firms to Innovate?
  3. How Are Cameras Related to Security?
  4. What Is the Secret of Success of iPhone Production?
  5. Why Bookshops Struggle in the Time of E-Readers
  6. Why Are Some People Still Addicted to TV?
  7. What Is the Cause of Online Piracy?
  8. Why People with Business Education Succeed More Often
  9. How Does Technology Affect People’s Workability?
  10. Relation between New Ideas and Increased Profits

Create Your Cause and Effect Topic and Enjoy the Writing Process

Problems are never-ending. You could find plenty of cause and effect paragraph topics or themes for entire projects just by looking around. Why does injustice happen and how it affects people? How did a trend emerge and in what ways has it influenced others? Think about the issues that interest you, checklists with ideas, and find a great topic that would meet your interests. As long as you feel invested, writing will not be difficult. The list above is full of suggestions: you could take topics from it directly or transform them until they meet your requirements. Try to see such assignments as fun, and you’ll realize how much faster your work goes!

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