Reflection Essays

Just like a reflective essay, the purpose here is to reflect and start with an in-depth analysis. The major difference here, compared to reflective writing, is that you will be given an already existing content to work with, which is not always easy in some cases. For example, you may have to talk about Ray Bradbury’s book chapter or discuss newly implemented laws in your country. Take time to discover our essay examples to get an idea of how it must be structured and how to shape your thesis. As a rule, it must tell about your opinion regarding what you have read or seen. As you browse through our list, you will notice that some paper samples will include counter-arguments, which is also a part of a good reflection.

I Have a Dream speech

Date: August 28, 1963; Subject: A Dream I Have. Occasion: Washington Civil Rights March; Purpose: General: Informative; Specific: The aim behind King’s speech in March 1963 was to seek dignity for every American regardless of their skin color. King addressed thousands of persons in front of the Lincoln Memorial in…

Words: 195

Pages: 1

David Sedaris Me Talk Pretty One Day

David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty One Day offers a description of his impressions as a 41-year-old man returning to college to learn French. The author’s classroom experiences have had a profound impact on his life outside of the classroom. He transforms from an outgoing person to a withdrawn person who…

Words: 918

Pages: 4

Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend

I Am Legend by Francis Lawrence is a novel about the last man in Manhattan. Perhaps on the whole world. It is based on Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name. Robert Neville is the name of the lead character. In both the novel and the two recent film versions,…

Words: 877

Pages: 4

American Transcendentalist in 2017

Transcendentalism is the idea that understanding should be gained by insight and imagination rather than reasoning or the senses. As a result, the behaviors that a person engages in greatly reflect the inherent intelligence that a person has, but not the things that individuals acquire from their environments. A transcendentalist…

Words: 553

Pages: 3

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