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Windows and Maids

From the fifth to the fifteenth century, there was the Medieval Period. It started after the fall of the Roman Empire and continued through the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. Books were handwritten and decorated during this time era; manuscripts were highly prized items. (""The Medieval Bestiary""). The name...

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The History of Art Essay

The imagery of four works of art that are depicted on pages 357, 411, 433, and 572 of the book Art: A Brief History will be examined in this essay. Based on where they came from and the circumstances of their use, all four have allegorical and historical significance. I...

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The First World War Essay

1914 saw the start of the First World War, which lasted until 1918. Art was one of the victims. The way people view art has altered forever thanks to works like sculptures, music, and dance, among other things. For example, some surrealists and expressionists created shaky, jumbled-up angles and ominous...

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Imagery and figurative language in Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "Tears, Idle Tears"

Imagery is described as a descriptive comparison of two things that don't have a literal relationship, such as events, situations, or objects. With the help of deep comparisons made possible by imagery, which is figurative language, an audience is able to connect ideas, thoughts, actions, and many other things to...

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The calling of St. Matthew

The Calling of Saint Matthew was painted by Caravaggio between 1599 and 1600. Rome's Church of San Luigi dei Francesi houses Contarelli Chapel, where the artwork is displayed. (Hass 245). The Italian Baroque art is the stylistic subcategory of the painting. It alludes to the Italian Painting and Sculpture during...

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Exhibition: Sumerian Theme

The ancient artwork of antiquity includes a significant amount of Sumerian painting. The show aims to include some of the prehistoric pottery made by the Sumerians along with other pieces of art made of metal and leather. The ancient Egyptian culture's Sumerian motif is distinguished by a notable outshining of...

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My Initial Reaction to the Work

My immediate impression of this painting is that only the lady in the foreground, as seen through the mirror behind her, appears real, while the rest of the people in the hallway appear unreal and superficial. Suzon is the only person in the crowded pub as everyone else appears detached...

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“The Discus Thrower” by Richard Selzer

In "The Discus Thrower," Richard Selzer used visual language to illustrate how the patient wished to introduce himself to the reader but was unable to do so due to the pain and suffering of being left alone. When Richard Selzer inquires about the patient's wellbeing, the patient simply remains silent....

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Sumerian art

The term "Sumerian art" refers to the different genres of artistic expression that date back to Sumer's prehistoric era. Since 4000 BC, the Sumerian people have resided in a Mesopotamian area that is now a part of southern Iraq. In this society, artistic expression primarily explores and supports the relationship...

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Medieval Period Manuscripts

The Virgin Mary's manuscript is the one shown in the picture up top. There aren't any other ladies in it. Because she gave birth to Jesus, who is revered as the son of God, she is a central figure in the Christian faith. The Virgin Mary is referred to as...

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Exploring Color in Interface Design

Color, according to Josef Albers, a 20th-century abstract painter, is the most relative medium in art. In his book, The Interaction of Color, he discusses the nature of color and how it relates to the human being, as well as how context-dependent it is. This aspect of color was the...

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Contemporary Art History: Minimalism

Minimalism, which emerged in the 1960s, allowed artists who appeared self-conscious to reject art that they perceived to be decaying and academic. The minimalist movement is most closely identified with three people: Robert Morris, Foster, and Briony Fer. Most reviewers and artists consider Morris to be one of the best...

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