Essays on Creativity

The results on Big Five Personality

The Big Five Personality Dimensions results give a detailed picture of a person's personality. The suggest extraversion at the 80th percentile, agreeableness at the 92nd, conscientiousness at the 97th, neuroticism at the 19th, and openness at the 82nd percentiles on an individual level. The conclusions are accurate since they are...

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Cloud Computing and human interaction

The desire to eliminate human interaction, manage costs, and improve service delivery quality among businesses providing human services has resulted in creativity and innovation. For ages, technology has changed human activities on Earth, and constant development and discoveries have enabled humanity to address real-world issues. All operations are based on...

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innovation and creativity

The video discusses innovation and creativity. Linda Hill, the speaker, discusses the research she and her colleagues conducted on various leaders in multiple nations on creativity. She dispels the myth that innovation is the result of a single brilliant idea. She refutes this assumption by claiming that invention is the...

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Winnicott's Playing and Reality Essay

Individuals that have a creative vision of everything feel the desire to survive. Even in circumstances of excessive conformity and the establishment of a sham identity, one must allow for the possibility that a person's capacity for creative existence can never be completely destroyed. There is a concealed life somewhere...

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Social Injustice and Cultural Identifiers Essay

Arguments and disagreement have historically fostered creativity and innovation while also revealing a love for our work, with the education sector being no exception (Adams, 2016). The U.S. State has a propensity to either accept or reject certain behaviors regarded as institutional norms (Gill, 2016). Even though teaching strategies can...

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Thinking Out of Box

Social entrepreneurs create and run organizations with a mission to address issues that can occur and inhibit the business from accomplishing its goal using a systematic approach (Dees 320). Social people are therefore able to identify, investigate, and assess these issues that arise in organizations. As a result, entrepreneurs apply...

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Analysis of Photography

Despite the fact that I had never seen Annie Leibovitz's work before, the two artists' work is outstanding. On his social media, I discovered Gregory Crewdson's work. Both artists' works are intriguing and feature many facets of photography. I like the two artists' work because it highlights key facets of...

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Cincinnati welcomed Ralph Lemon into the world on August 1st, 1952. (State of Ohio). In Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was raised. He has been referred to as a variety of things, including an imaginary choreographer, an African American actual arts dancer, and a company director. He has also been praised as...

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Haptic as the New design methods

The rise of the internet has increased the emphasis on uniqueness, as well as the inherent worth and quality of the product. Therefore, it is not simply about producing the design, but rather about setting a high standard for the product's value for both design and creativity as well as...

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Despite the fact that I had never seen Annie Leibovitz's work before, the two artists' work is outstanding. Gregory Crewdson's work caught my attention when I visited his Instagram page. Both artists' works are intriguing and feature many facets of photography. I like the two artists' work because it highlights...

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New Land Art: Critical Analysis

Artworks by Erika Osborne usually depict on the modern environment and place representations.Her current works are not very different from her old works as Osborne wants to portray different environmental issues through her land art. What is more, her iconic artworks are created on the basis of a contemporary artistic...

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My drawing

My drawing is a creative representation of a clock and a human face combined. The drawing uses both the ground technique and the outline technique in its finished form. The artwork uses dark charcoal hues for the shadows, which contrast beautifully with the narrow, clearly outlined contour. The clock is...

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