Essays on Creativity

The Creative Thinking Process

Graham Wallas' Four-Step Model of Creative Thinking Graham Wallas developed a theory that aimed at explaining thinking in a creative process that involves four stages. The process incorporates both conscious and subconscious states of thoughts. Wallace’s process of creative thinking ends with an individual evaluating whether the developed solution works or...

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Salgado Peters Painter

On Monday the 22nd of February 2018, I met Salgado Peters- a young painter from Virginia. I had called him a week before requesting an interview with him after hearing from friends about his sold-out showcase in New York. This interview was part of my project with The Guardian on 'talent'....

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My Career Ambitions

Professionally, I have always desired to be a leading scholar in creative arts. The decision to delve into the art industry was motivated by the passion that I have towards making human experiences to be enjoyable. Other disciplines tend to focus on non-living things. However, art is made for aesthetic...

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Where and When Did Creativity Begin?

Where and When Did Creativity Begin? There are many endearing questions humanity faces on a daily basis, but few can match the intensity of 'where and when did creativity begin?' The origin of ingenuity is a boggling puzzle, to which many think they have the correct pieces needed to develop a...

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Our Monster, Ourselves

Any specific error or fault that a person commits always has a cause. This is a clear indication that someone else is always to blame, regardless of what is sensible, logical, or significant. Some people will make up a fictitious moniker for one of their own alter egos in an...

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About Intellectual Property

A creative product or invention that has the sole right to use it belongs to its designated owner and is known as intellectual property. The owner gains from having intellectual property, which is categorized as an intangible asset. Patents, copyrights, logos, and trade secrets are a few examples of the...

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Role of writing in the digital age

Many college students currently believe that the new style of writing (They say/I say) kills originality and ingenuity. However, writing is more about individual ingenuity, despite the students claims that the writing templates will turn them into robots. However, I disagree with them because the writing models help us...

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Rethinking Imagination: Culture and Creativity

It has been extensively discussed in disciplines like philosophy, politics, and sociology what modernity and post-modernity are. It has been investigated how human thought has changed over time and how it relates to diverse phenomena in related domains. In order to investigate how imagination has influenced culture and creativity throughout...

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The results on Big Five Personality

The Big Five Personality Dimensions results give a detailed picture of a person's personality. The suggest extraversion at the 80th percentile, agreeableness at the 92nd, conscientiousness at the 97th, neuroticism at the 19th, and openness at the 82nd percentiles on an individual level. The conclusions are accurate since they are...

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Cloud Computing and human interaction

The Evolution of Cloud Computing and Information Technology The desire to eliminate human interaction, manage costs, and improve service delivery quality among businesses providing human services has resulted in creativity and innovation. For ages, technology has changed human activities on Earth, and constant development and discoveries have enabled humanity to address...

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innovation and creativity

The video discusses innovation and creativity Linda Hill, the speaker, discusses the research she and her colleagues conducted on various leaders in multiple nations on creativity. She dispels the myth that innovation is the result of a single brilliant idea. She refutes this assumption by claiming that invention is the result...

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Winnicott's Playing and Reality Essay

Individuals and Creative Vision Individuals that have a creative vision of everything feel the desire to survive. Even in circumstances of excessive conformity and the establishment of a sham identity, one must allow for the possibility that a person s capacity for creative existence can never be completely destroyed. There is...

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