Essays on Creativity

Duccio Di Buoninsegna’s Maesta analysis

Painters, for example, use painting as a medium to share their thoughts on a topic through photographs. Paintings can be very informative for people who appreciate painting, particularly if they have a link to the piece. Different forms and styles of art have evolved over time, and individuals like Duccio…

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Dantes Inferno

Dante Alighieri’s literary work Inferno is regarded as one of the most extensive works of religious and metaphysical literature. Its theological undertones are apparent in the story, with repeated references to death, purgatory, limbo, and heaven. The bulk of the characters of the poetical novel are often made up of…

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Romanticism as an intellectual and cultural movement

Romanticism is an intellectual and cultural movement that emerged from the late 18th to the mid-19th centuries in Europe. Many types of art, such as music, painting, historiography and criticism, define it. This European revolution was mainly concerned with people as opposed to culture (Holland 304). Romanticism has different aspects,…

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New ideas: Creativity and Starting a Business

Nowadays, new businesses have to consider these three constantly changing factors: marketplace gaps, unsolved problems, and environmental trends. These ideas determine what is promising and viable. A business owner might be passionate about an idea and have all the necessary qualities. The idea should be something essential for people so…

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What paintings are used for

Painting is a platform used by people to express their emotions about diverse subject matter. Many artists use this as a medium of communicating with their audience without the use of words. The current generation has demanded for modern art because of its uniqueness. Many people go to museums for…

Words: 1929

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What Is an Artwork?

Art is a way of expressing ones creative skill using mediums like painting and molding. It is a skill that comes from appreciating the works that have been produced because of their beauty. It is not usually based on the outcomes visually, but also on auditory and performances (Andina 2017)….

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film production and globalization

Globalization has revolutionized film making by allowing important shifts in the patterns and developments of the global film industry. Advances have made it possible for the entertainment industry to emerge as one of the most significant innovative industries attracting millions of audiences worldwide. In the past, Western countries dominated the…

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Adaptive High Speed Leadership

A organization separates new business strategies from those in the industry. Otherwise businesses will adopt similar trends in promotions, marketing and provision of products or services without innovation and imagination. The cooperation of innovative minds will make creative business concepts a reality according to different research studies. When the business…

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Reflection on development

Based on the team roles of Belbin, while in a team, participants are supposed to act in a certain manner, based on their commitment to the community and their personalities (Finlay 2008). From the point of view of the measure, I am more likely to be a Monitor-Evaluator, and I…

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Conspiracy Theories of 9/11

It is unclear whether conspiracy theorists develop their ideas and arguments out of curiosity and imagination, or out of a need or need to draw attention away from reality. However, it is clear that catastrophic attacks, such as the 9/11 incident in September 2001, draw a lot of conspiracy theories….

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Edgar Allan Poe’s the cask of amontillado

The Cask of Amontillado is one of the poems of ingenuity in writing short stories. The piece of work is accurate and reflective of culture. Several literary techniques are used to present characters and themes. The setting of the plot is new, but Poe’s literary expertise resonates. Really, the narration…

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Therapy of Dance and movement

The therapeutic use of motion for emotions and imagination, social, cognitive, physical and mental wellbeing improves, is imposed by dance therapy or movement therapy. DMT has been used in Western medicine since the 1940s (Newcomer). How it works is dependent on the connection between mind and body. The therapy encourages…

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