Essays on Photography

A cinematographer

A cinematographer is a director of photography who oversees the production of a film. Harrold Rosson was a pioneer in making The Wizard of Oz, which is widely regarded as one of the best films ever produced. Harrold Rosson is credited with being one of the first teams to use…

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Seven Forms of Classical Music

Music is a sequential type of art that has been annotated for a long time by vibrational methods. Classical tunes are created using a variety of structures in music. The theme character is made up of tiny groups of stages that complete the musical premise. It is similar to an…

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Theatre and theatre making

Theatre and theatre making has allowed humans to fly beyond space. Photography strengthened the moon trip, according to Benjamin Grant. Further, like never before, the camera helped people tour the world. The camera also allowed astronauts to view the earth from within and thus to discover occult mysteries. Astronauts have…

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Art school for children

This illustration shows young kids learning about painting in schools. From the picture, it is clear that young boys are fitted with different methods to learn how to draw and come up with different art designs. The scene is selected by WPA photographers as it specifically highlights the environment of…

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Photography of My Father in His Twenty-Second Year

In the poem, the speaker displays that his father is trying his best to appear daring and confident in the picture. When he states that the father has a “[s]heeping grin,” the speaker refers to his father as being docile or bashful. This could further verify the theme of appearance…

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Rule of the best evidence

The best law of proof requires “original writing, recording, or photographing” to be presented in order to “prove the substance of writing, recording, or photographing,” unless any exceptions occur. (Review of Federal Evidence, 2009). The best proof rule has not been formulated, nor has it ever been meant to be…

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Cindy Sherman: A Manufactured Portrait

The projection of oneself on an artistic canvas has been replicated several times across humanity, but none of them has captured the strength of human experience like Cynthia Sherman. Cynthia “Cindy” Sherman is an inscrutable photographer and film producer who appeared on the scene more than thirty years ago, rose…

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Photography: Portrait Genre

Portrait Genre All through American photography history, people have made diverse photographs with many materials, and each of them has different purposes. However, people began to classify photographic works on the basis of style and intention, therefore, manipulating and reflecting the society. Photographers always have varieties of what they want…

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Gordon Parks view of Black History and Culture

In a particular field of art, the growth of an upcoming art or artist is determined by previously related art or artists that recognized the thoughts of that art. For instance, technology among other things has greatly improved modern photography. But the way current photographers think, and act today has…

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Mike And Marsha Burns’ Photography Reels

The photographs of Mike and Marsha’s reel are made up of many reels arranged in systemic manner. The arrangement of the reels is designed in four columns and five rows. Two of the reels arranged have additional organic shapes. The frame the reels are arranged in has its width a…

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The Words of an Artist

The ability to actualize ideas or concepts is the basic existence of art. Constant research is neccessary in order to provide the best explanations to the ideas about the world and myself. As a senior landscape photographer in the university, I enjoy the opportunity to personally shoot pictures. I am…

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Photojournalism is the artwork of using photography to inform a story. Unlike today where snap shots can be cropped, altered and manipulated to present partial information, earliest forms of photojournalism had been believed to be inherently truthful. In the 1900s Lewis Wickes used photography to expose social injustices on child…

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