Essays on Photography

Cultural Capital Essay

The article by Lizardo and Skiles examines cultural capital via the lens of photographic material consumption. It is defined as an aesthetic disposition or the ability to perceive attractively objects and styles from a variety of areas that may or may not be related with fine arts (Lizardo and Skiles...

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Canon Analysis

The cannon symbolizes the gold ball's housing as well as the projectile launcher in our design, and this chapter emphasizes the design criteria used for the cannon's mechanisms, materials, and design. Material science and machine mechanics principles will be used in the analysis of the pipe and trigger mechanism. Figure 1:...

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Media Communication Studies

The Daguerreotype photo process was devised during this time period by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, a French citizen, and announced later that year by Dominique-Francois-Argo of the French Academy of Science. This represented the dawn of photography, and all subsequent technology was based on this camera prototype (Timeline Technology). It...

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About Poverty Eradication

The picture illustrates the efforts being made to alleviate poverty, a major social problem. The image's components include diagonal lines that suggest movement and efforts to combat poverty, the image's shapes, which stand out against the white background and add depth to the problem of poverty, and the image's shapes....

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The Sociology of Mass Communication and Media

The function that technology plays is addressed in Walter Benjamin's article The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. In his writings during the Nazi era, Benjamin addressed how modernism has affected art, particularly film and photography. When Benjamin said that "mechanical reproduction" had altered art, he meant...

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Identity stereotypes and advertisements

Humans have utilized sights, sounds, and words to communicate with the masses for centuries. A close examination of photographs demonstrates that commercial and political public relations frequently use social and psychological ideas to attain their goals. Advertisers have mastered the art of leveraging societal stereotypes to capture the attention of...

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The Biography of Willy Ronis

Famous photographer Willy Ronis was born on August 14th, 1910, in Paris, France. In both Paris and Provence throughout his post-war years, he had great fame. Marie-Anne Lansiaux, his wife, was his wife. While his father, Emmanuel Ronis, a cancer patient, ran a studio in Montmartre, his mother, Ida Gluck...

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Analysis of Photography

Despite the fact that I had never seen Annie Leibovitz's work before, the two artists' work is outstanding. On his social media, I discovered Gregory Crewdson's work. Both artists' works are intriguing and feature many facets of photography. I like the two artists' work because it highlights key facets of...

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influence of kodak

Photography comprises the creation of photographs of objects, their processing, and forging long-lasting memories. A sensitive surface's energy and light are used to create the images. Since it allows us to capture and preserve our most precious moments as well as the environment around us, photography plays a significant role...

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contemporary art and artists work

Contemporary art refers to modern art, despite the fact that there is no standard definition for it. The term "contemporary art" refers to a variety of art mediums, including sculpture, photography, and paintings. Modernist current art is referred to as contemporary art by art historians. In general, contemporary art describes...

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I'm always drawn to turquoise. I have been fixating on anything with any turquoise hue for a very long time. In my senior year of high school, I came to appreciate turquoise after seeing a photo of the sea encircling the Pacific Ocean's white sand beaches. I took a screenshot...

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How Photography Became a Weapon during War

Photography documentation is a common term for a type of photography that is used to record settings and occasions that are important and applicable to both historical and contemporary life. It is obvious that varied crime sites will always contain evidence. The realm of evidence can also benefit significantly from...

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