Essays on Crime Prevention

How Photography Became a Weapon during War

Photography documentation is a common term for a type of photography that is used to record settings and occasions that are important and applicable to both historical and contemporary life. It is obvious that varied crime sites will always contain evidence. The realm of evidence can also benefit significantly from…

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Essay; Public Relations

I was present at the public discussion on March 8, 2017, on the rising concern of school dropouts for young people as the crime rate continues to skyrocket, which took place in the Chaffey College, California, amphitheater. There were about 200 people there, including representatives from the neighborhood and several…

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Effects of crime on the civil society

The law serves as a standard and a direction for citizens’ behavior, making it important for society. The social groupings would be in fierce conflict if there was no law. For business purposes, a corporation has the same legal standing as a person because it is legally regarded as an…

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Capital stock gains and losses

Related-party transactions are discussed in the article because they frequently contribute significantly to accounting fraud and failures. According to research, businesses that have been accused of fraud have more related-party transactions than businesses without fraud allegations. The company’s financial statements frequently contain errors that are covered up by these transactions….

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Restorative Justice Systems

The restorative method is one of the critical philosophies of justice. The paradigm allows the victim and the suspect to meet and work together to repair the damage caused by the incident. Restorative justice differs from most forms of justice in that it focuses on making the perpetrator accept complete…

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“Jacking up prices may not be the only way to balance supply and demand for taxis.”

The term “surge pricing” refers to the sporadic increase in rates experienced by Uber customers. It is an uncommon occurrence for many people to go out late at night and then hail an Uber home (Uber’s Surge Pricing, n.d.). Even then, it is not always convenient for them, since they…

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Urbanization and Crime Rates

Urbanization is the phase of urban centre development, predominantly in terms of population and infrastructure. In recent years, according to the 2014 United Nations Global Urbanization Survey, Canada has emerged among the countries with the highest rate of urbanization, ranking 40th in the world (Hawkins, 2008). Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal…

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School Crime and Safety Indicators

“Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2016″ is the title of the study in which the statistical data are selected. It is a report prepared by the National Center for Education Statistics.” It is the 19th study, and it provides the most recent data available on American schools for crime…

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Violent offences and Animal cruelty

For decades, psychologists, police prosecutors, and other stakeholders involved in crime reduction have looked for warning signals in suspected offenders. With the rise of school shootings in recent years, there has been a particular focus on youth. Academics, agencies, and community groups working to deter potential school shootings have worked…

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