Essays on Organized Crime

A Comparison of Organized Crime and Criminal Racket

The organized crime is a demonstration which is carried out by at least two crooks as a joint wander in a sorted out way. It is frequently by in a different leveled framework with a supervisor, his lieutenants and administrators for a particular period. The association looks like a commercial endeavor...

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The Role of Money Laundering in Organized Crime

Money laundering is a method used to make money obtained illegally appear to originate from legitimate sources (Madinger, 2016). The process is termed as “laundering” since money from the illicit activities is considered as “dirty.” The most commonly used strategies of laundering money include utilizing legitimate cash-based businesses, shell companies,...

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Transnational organized crime (TOC)

From the standpoint of organized crime, transnational organized crime (TOC) can be comprehended. Crimes committed in an organized manner, such as acts of terrorism, property devastation, or environmental harm, are those that are planned, coordinated, and carried out by people with a specific goal in mind. (Miraglia, Ochoa & Briscoe,...

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Terrorism -an unlawful act

Terrorism and its Characteristics Terrorism is a violent, illegal act carried out with the intention of gaining political control over a specific region. However, these acts are carried out only after a bomber threatens to do so. Terrorist threats are viewed as crimes that are committed after a warning to evacuate...

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Fighting against Transnational Organized Crime

The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime was created to reduce, sanction, and prevent people trafficking, particularly of women and children. (UN, 2000). Smuggling of migrants by air, water, and illegally producing and trafficking in firearms are all also prohibited. In order...

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Organized crime

Organized Crime as a Social Institution Because the groups created have leaders and a common illegal aim to earn money and recognition in undesirable ways, organized crime is considered a social institution. Their activities are motivated by a desire for power and a desire to be powerful. Despite law enforcement agencies...

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Addressing Global Security Threats

Global security refers to efforts that ensure the mutual safety and security of nations and their citizens. It comprises diplomatic and military efforts implemented by governments and international organizations such as the United Nations to ensure global peace and security (Mann 2004). These safeguards ensure that governments do not invade...

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Organized Crime and Gun Control

In the current past, there has been a hot argument concerning the firearm regulation. On the one hand of the debate, there are individuals in desire of placing stringent restrictions on guns and on the other hand, there are these who are against the control of guns. Those in favor...

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Crime from gangs

In organized gangs Stealing, substance addiction and disputes that end in fighting are three of the most common types of antisocial behavior. Organized gangs typically search for criminal means to support themselves by earning profits. Since they own illicit guns, they choose to steal and engage in crimes such as property...

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Italian-based Organized Crime Effect on America

Crime has been rooted in American life since that period, dating back to the days of the 13 colonies, and now remains common in the streets of America. In America, illegal acts are bound to occur, especially if they have a concrete credibility structure. The explanation is that somebody will...

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