Essays on Prison

Prewriting Exercise for Article Selection and Refutation: A Refutation of JJ Colagrande’s Article “Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal in Florida?”

Colagrande writes an informative essay on a subject that has been a source of controversy in several states in the United States of America for many years. The issue of marijuana legalization is more complicated than the superficial claims and logic advanced by Colagrande. Unlike her assumptive argumentation, this is…

Words: 265

Pages: 1

prisons major issues

Prisons and prisons are detention institutions for individuals who have been found guilty of violating the rules. For several years, criminals have been punished for the loss of liberty and certain rights. Most countries are currently having problems in maintaining their jails and prisons. The primary distinction in jails and…

Words: 1462

Pages: 6

A movie review

Libby Parsons is Nicky’s wife and one son’s girlfriend, Matty. You love the happy wedding fruit. But one day Libby discovers that her husband is gone, while spending her precious night on her cruise, and with blood, when she wakes up in the morning, as well as with a bloodious…

Words: 478

Pages: 2

A reform on criminal justice

The reform of the criminal justice system in the United States is a matter of critical importance, considering the inequalities identified in the system (Austin and Krisberg, 1981). The very fact that a fifth of the world’s inmates are being held in custody in the United States is a sobering…

Words: 655

Pages: 3


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