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The Role of Art Education in Prisons

Art Education in Prisons Art education provides a number of benefits that help in enhancing personal, interpersonal, as well as change and improvement in habit and character. Engagement in art education while detained in prisons can be useful to inmates as it helps in the establishment of new identities. The creation...

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Prisons that Empower: Neo-Liberal Governance in Canadian Women's Prisons

In the article, Prisons that empower: Neo-liberal governance in Canadian women’s prisons by Kelly Hannah Moffatt there is a lot of information that coincides with the criminology theory. According to the biosocial theory on criminology, it is indicated that in most cases people tend to engage in crime because of...

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Re-incarceration of Parolees

Reincarceration implies second or subsequent imprisonment of an offender upon pleading guilty. According to the research outcomes from the study by Kirk (2012), the rate of parolees’ reincarceration declined by 4% over a period of three years, a situation which could be upheld if the research was conducted over a...

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The alternatives to traditional prosecution

Alternatives to Conventional Prosecution There are alternatives to conventional prosecution, including other forms of punishment for criminal criminals than incarceration. Instead of using the most common form of incarceration known to man, the alternative style of prosecution projects a series of urgent demands on the offenders. (spending time in jail). The...

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Sentencing and Prison Conditions in UK

There are various institutions that work to ensure that the rule of law is upheld in any country where it serves as the main governing principle. The judiciary, whose job it is to interpret the law, is one of the structures at action in such a situation. One method the...

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Overcrowding in prisons

Following the law is one of the United States top growth ideologies, according to the country. In reality, prisons have been a priority in achieving this goal. Over the years, the U.S. government has established a broad range of legal guidelines intended to improve the state of the legal...

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American Gulag

Key problems that occur in prisons are discussed in the book American Gulag: Inside US Immigration Prison by Mark Dow. Dow uses the book to inform readers about what goes on in today's jails located all over the United States. The federal government intends to enlarge these facilities as the...

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Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela's Imprisonment Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison, 18 of them at the horrifying Robben Island Prison, which had previously been a leper community and was situated off the coast of Cape Town. Conditions at Robben Island Prison Mandela was forced to perform difficult manual work at a lime mine in...

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The Kingdom of Ethiopia was predominantly Christian

The majority of people in Ethiopia's Kingdom were Christians. Anyone who threatened the new king's reign in the future was imprisoned in Goshen, which was up in the mountains and well-guarded, after the new king had been successfully installed on the throne. Any aspirant to the throne could balance their...

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Supermax prison for rehabilitation

Supermax jail dates back to 1820, when it was founded primarily for the purpose of significantly aiding in the rehabilitation of inmates through the use of an isolation mechanism. (Van 2016). It was argued that the majority of the prisoners' time would be spent locked up inside the prison, in...

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Overcrowding in California Prisons

The study's goal was to look into California's jail overcrowding. The report will be based on the causes, effects on inmates and agency officers, prevention, and actions that can be taken to address the effects on society. The high rate of incarceration in California is a result of both drug...

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Criminal and Social Justice

Women who are currently incarcerated are increasingly mostly moms. Since the mother is the main caregiver for her child, babies whose mothers are in prison suffer. The augmentation is supported by a 2014 research that found that 82% of women in federal prisons and 77% of those in state prisons...

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