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Popularity of Jail Diversion Programs

Prison diversion programs are becoming increasingly popular as a result of growing substance usage among members of society who end up committing crimes while under the influence of drugs. Because most criminals are nonviolent drug users, incarceration is superfluous and ineffective, and only diversion programs can properly rehabilitate them (Crisanti,...

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Letter from Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King Junior wrote this letter while in prison in response to religious leaders raising concerns about his presence in Birmingham. To bolster his views, he states that he was in Birmingham on invitation and with the intention of resolving the injustice concerns that existed there. His arguments distinguish...

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Prison is ineffective because most people come out worse than they went in

According to recent assessments, the prisoner population in Australia is growing. By the end of June 2016, the number of adult prisoners has risen by 8% from 38,845 in 2015. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016). In all, 208 Australians were imprisoned for every 100,000 adults. The number of unsentenced prisoners...

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An evaluation of six brief interventions that target drug-related problems in correctional populations

Joe and colleagues wrote the article (2012). The article is based on the growing number of inmates in both local and federal prisons as a result of drug addiction. The purpose of the report was to look into various intervention mechanisms that could be utilized to lessen the country's ever-increasing...

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prison dwelling

"The realm exposed through sight should be likened to the prison dwelling, and the light of the fire inside it to the sun's strength. And, if you think of the upward journey and seeing things above as the soul's upward journey to the intelligible realm, you won't misunderstand my intention...'...

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About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is beloved not only in South Africa, but around the world. Nelson Mandela changed the trajectory and history of the people and South Africa as a country by choosing to be a voice rather than an echo. However, this did not come cheap, and he was sentenced to...

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Grave injustices and Gaping Faults in Prison Setups

Prison is a segregated setting where criminals are detained in isolation while they await the end of their sentences or the completion of the rehabilitation process. Mr. Smith is a notable person who unfortunately suffers at the hands of the jail administration. He is known to have a productive personality,...

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is it effective- US imprisonment

The correctional community of the United States consists of all prisoners who are under the jurisdiction of systems such as county jails and federal prisons. There are also those who are on probation or parole who are under the supervision of the authorities in the city. With nearly two million...

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Prisoners are individuals, and they should be handled as such in the same manner as people in the outside world are treated. Offender recovery is a challenge that comes with prison, and it is a task that should be performed by society as a whole, not only by offender correction...

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Woman at Point Zero

Take notice of at least three items (characters, incidents, or images) that seem to repeat themselves in the book. a) Gentleman b) Prostitute c) High school diploma Who is the narrator in this story? Nawal El Saadawi is the author. Is the narrator telling us a story about himself? She's telling us about a woman...

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Prison Labor and Privatized Prison Industries

Slavery in America was technically abolished in 1865, but due to a loophole in the 13th Amendment, it has remained legal well into the twenty-first century. Human rights groups, as well as political and social organizations, have spoken out against what they call the "new form of inhumane exploitation" in...

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Elderly Inmates in the Prison Population

Undoubtedly, various reasons are contributing to the elderly inmates' increased percentage in the prison population. Possible, the aging of the inmates is one of the reasons. Other probable explanations consist of the longer sentences, as well as taking crime seriously. In some instances, the models of sentencing keep on changing....

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