Essays on Drug Addiction

The Disease Model of Addiction

Addiction is a treatable disease yet it is viewed as a behavioral problem by a majority of the population. The loved ones of addicts find it difficult to regard the condition as a disease rather than a behavior. The Disease Model of Addiction states that the sources of addiction may...

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Incentive Salience Hypothesis

Chapter 5: Operant ConditioningPeople and other animals learn to learn to obtain or refrain from certain responses to obtain rewards or avoid negative consequences. Consequently, these conditions are created in the brain by the dorsal striatum and the orbitofrontal cortex. Dorsal striatum is particularly crucial in learning involving discriminative stimuli....

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Drug Addiction: A Brain Disease

Addiction is basically a brain disease brought about by the long-term use of a substance. Being used to the practice of certain behaviours can also lead to addiction. On the side of drug addiction, according to the National Institute on drug abuse, Drugs alter the normal functioning of the brain...

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Comparison Between 12-Step and Non-12-Step Programs

According to most people who are suffering from addiction, there seems to be little or no hope for recovery. The rate of drug and substance abuse has persistently risen over the years. Drug and substance abuse affects more people currently (Rawson). Luckily, there exist a large number of trusted, reliable rehabilitation...

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The Ethical Dilemma of Performance Enhancing Drugs

People in the society are frequently confronted with ethical dilemmas, and it is important for every individual to prepare for the eventuality of learning how to apply ethical principles. Three circumstances must be existent for a given situation to be deliberated as a moral dilemma. The leading condition takes place...

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Solutions to Addiction in America

Addiction is a complicated, chronic, and severe illness since it affects the proper operations of the brain. Besides, it leads to relapse that contribute to habitual drug seeking and utilization (Meier, 2016). Although the users in the first instant may use the drug willingly, chemicals in the substances influence the...

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Medical Marijuana and its Therapeutic Benefits

Marijuana also known by the street names weed, pot, hemp, and herb, refers to a psychoactive drug obtained from dried leaves, seeds as well as stems of the cannabis plant that is commonly used for both medical and recreational purposes. Concerning this, the main mind-altering chemical in marijuana is referred...

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Marijuana as a Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: The Use of Marijuana as a Treatment Option Post-traumatic stress disorder has over the recent years been so prevalent in different populations and mostly between the veterans. Antidepressants are presently being used as the cure for PTSD patients. However, they are believed to produce low reduction proportions and...

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Electronic Cigarette

The opening sentence The opening sentence used by the author does not induce vigor of reading the article. Words arrangement in the sentence is not right, it should have read, ‘Herbert A. Gilbert filed the first electronic cigarette for a patent in 1963.’ The writer assumes that the reader knows what...

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Drug Addiction and Emotional Deprivation

Drug addiction is a condition that plagues a significant number of members in our society. Researchers prove that it is caused by a variety of factors like poverty, depression and peer pressure. Those affected effect note only themselves but also their immediate family members. In the text ‘Embraced by the...

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The Importance of Marijuana in the United States

Fischbach, Peter. "The Role of Illicit Drug Use in Sudden Death in the Young." Cardiology in the Young, vol. 27, 2017 Supplement 1, pp. S75-S79. This source argues that illicit drugs such as marijuana should be banned as it has led to the death of many young people. The problem of...

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The Impact of Alcohol and Drug Abuse on Family Violence

Emerging Issues in the World Emerging issues in the world have taken a divergent scope influenced by the ever dynamic life of man. It is quite clear that observable steps can be seen when it all started to the war against servitude during the dark ages, military demonstration in the era...

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