Essays on Drug Addiction

Methamphetamine and Morphine Effect on the Body

Drug use brings a lot of side effects on the body. They have a wide range of direct and indirect, short and long-term effects. The side effects are usually determined by the drug used, a person s health, how much the same is taken, how the drugs are used and...

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Thomas De Quincey's Confessions of an English Opium Eater

It's fascinating to learn about Thomas De Quincey's upbringing and opium obsession. De Quincey, despite being a brilliant student, began to descend into addiction at the young age of eighteen. (8). A close examination of Thomas De Quincey's life shows a number of circumstances that might have fueled his addiction....

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work history

My employment experience dates back eight years, and my first position was as a clerk for Next Steps, an outpatient drug rehabilitation program. For members of the public who couldn't take time off work for therapy or who couldn't afford a full-time program, there was an outpatient rehab program. While...

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The chemistry of addiction

The main focus of the chemistry supplement is on how the brain reacts to various circumstances. The brain has a mechanism that encourages and rewards us when we take actions that help us live, such as avoiding danger, eating, and engaging in sexual activity. As our brains have grown smaller...

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Substance abuse treatment

Drug addiction and drug-related offenses can be resolved more successfully through substance abuse therapy than through incarceration of offenders. Data from study organizations and drug enforcement agencies demonstrate that drug abuse treatment is superior to other forms of corrections, like incarceration. The American government invests less in therapy than in incarceration....

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Is a Willing Addict Really Liberated?

Being free, as it is commonly understood, involves doing what one wants to do. Most philosophers have opted to use the argument of alternate possibilities in assessing whether or not a person has free choice (Frankfurt 829). The precise interpretation of this idea, however, has been hotly contested. This essay...

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Therapy and counseling

Counseling and therapy for addiction are vital because they assist individuals in the recovery process in understanding the probable causes of addiction. During this process, these individuals also learn how to identify risk factors for relapse as well as acquire strategies that may be used to cope with stressful situations...

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Harm reduction

Harm reduction is defined as a key strategy aimed at individuals or groups that primarily tries to reduce the harms associated with specific activities. In the case of substance misuse, active harm reduction acknowledges that society's continued levels of drug usage are unavoidable. However, the techniques mostly try to mitigate...

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The Wire (US)

I choose The Wire's third season, first episode (US). This episode is titled "Time After Time," and it displays a lot of rage, as do most of the other events in the drama, but this wrath is wrapped up in a really finely-crafted performance. It is based on the difficulty...

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Intervention, in simple terms, is the gathering of people to talk to someone in order to seek them help for a problem they are having. At the same time, the TV series has seen a large number of people assisted in dealing with various addiction problems. Episode 15 of Season...

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millennial perspective of the Opioid problem

New habits are formed gradually, but they are tough to break. That is exactly how addictions grow. For example, a smoker's initial puff progresses to one cigarette, and eventually the smoker is unable to go a day without smoking. Habits formed as a result of legal drug prescriptions are concerning...

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The establishment of school-based clinics in North Central Regina

Most people of the most hazardous neighborhood in the nation live in North Central Regina, one of Canada's poorest cities, and depend on government assistance (Gatehouse, 2007). Health officials also discovered that the city has a high drug abuse rate and that many young girls, aged 11 to 12, work...

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