Essays on Alcoholism

Alcoholism essay

Alcoholism is a chronic medical condition. It is characterized by unchecked alcohol consumption that has an impact on the user’s family, work obligations, and mental or physical health. Many people in the culture have either died from it or have been severely affected by it. More teens and adults than…

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The risks of lowering the minimum drinking age

The new legal age for drinking is supposed to mitigate the dangers associated with alcoholism in young adults. According to Carpenter, Christopher, and Carlos Dobkin (2011 pg. 1), the damage caused by consuming alcohol among young adults in the US exceeds 50 billion per year. For certain citizens, lowering the…

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Alcoholism Srudy

If the abuse of alcohol is more about the culture one is in than anything else, what that means for somebody fighting the battle with alcoholism is that there are many solutions out there. What has occurred in the country is that most institutions and people have centered on similar…

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alcoholism, a disease?

For a long time, it has been advocated that alcoholism is a condition that affects those who were already in good health. The idea of referring to depression as a disorder has far-reaching consequences on how people in the society perceive alcoholics. For example, the assumption that intoxication is an…

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Referral for professional psychological help on alcohol addiction.

Identification of knowledge and purpose for referral Stan is a 35-year-old male adult who was recommended for specialized alcohol abuse therapeutic assistance. Stan has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol several times. Stan nevertheless maintains that he is not an alcohol abuser, despite the facts raised in…

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