Primary Care Physicians and the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has been listed as one of the worst drug crises in the United States. An estimate at least a thousand people die weekly from diseases that are related to the overdoses of opioid while millions of people are suffering from being opioid addicts (Knopf, 5). Also of...

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Ethical Issues in Drug Use During Pregnancy

From: Healthcare Administrator, Alabama Date: 19th October 2017 Subject: Ethical Dilemma: Conducting Drug Tests without Consent in Alabama In many states of the U.S., the use of drugs during pregnancy is illegal under the chemical endangerment to the newborns as they may grow dependent on the same (Martin, 2015). As a result,...

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The Disease Model of Addiction

Addiction is a treatable disease yet it is viewed as a behavioral problem by a majority of the population. The loved ones of addicts find it difficult to regard the condition as a disease rather than a behavior. The Disease Model of Addiction states that the sources of addiction may...

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Organizational Change in Volkswagen after the Dieselgate Incident

In the business world, change is the only constant thing. It is worth noting that in a business set up various aspects can trigger the change process. These aspects can be either positive or negative. However, regardless of the causal agent, organizations embrace change to keep in touch with the...

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The Role of Fatherhood in Substance Abuse

Neault, N., Mullany, B., Powers, J., Coho-Mescal, V., Parker, S., Walkup, J., " Barlow, A. the Cradling Our Future and Focus on Fathers Study Teams. 2012.“Fatherhood Roles and Drug Use among Young American Indian Men.”. The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse, 38(5), 395-402. It has been a frequent observation...

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Effects of Opioid Abuse on the Brain

There exists a type of drug known as opioids, which can be found in some pain relievers that one can acquire legally, which include oxycodone, morphine, and codeine among many others. Heroin, an illegal substance, is also defined as an opioid. This drug can be derived from the opium plant...

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Drug Addiction: A Brain Disease

Addiction is basically a brain disease brought about by the long-term use of a substance. Being used to the practice of certain behaviours can also lead to addiction. On the side of drug addiction, according to the National Institute on drug abuse, Drugs alter the normal functioning of the brain...

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The Risks and Benefits of Suboxone

Suboxone is a drug that was approved by the United States to help in the management of addiction to opioids. (Schwarz, Cantrell, Vohra, " Clark, 2007, pg. 651-652). The drug is comprised of two chemicals fused (in ratio 4:1) in a single sublingual strip: naloxone and buprenorphine. The two substances...

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Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction from a psychological point of view is a condition in which an individual involves himself with the use of a substance or a behavior for which the effects compel that person to repeat the same behavior in spite of the consequences that come with it. The habit usually involves...

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Comparison Between 12-Step and Non-12-Step Programs

According to most people who are suffering from addiction, there seems to be little or no hope for recovery. The rate of drug and substance abuse has persistently risen over the years. Drug and substance abuse affects more people currently (Rawson). Luckily, there exist a large number of trusted, reliable rehabilitation...

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The Ethical Dilemma of Performance Enhancing Drugs

People in the society are frequently confronted with ethical dilemmas, and it is important for every individual to prepare for the eventuality of learning how to apply ethical principles. Three circumstances must be existent for a given situation to be deliberated as a moral dilemma. The leading condition takes place...

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Drug Legalisation

A Continuing Debate on Drug Legalization A drug is described as a substance which changes the standard biological functions of human body. The government has always prohibited the manufacturing of the illegal drugs within a country and they, strictly control its use because illicit drugs can lead to habituation or addiction....

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