Essays on Drug Abuse

Your drug abuse essay should shed some light on drug abuse as a personal and societal issue. After all, drugs are not just substances that are harmful to health – they rapidly and irreversibly destroy both the human body and personality. Effects of drugs on mental health are something that not all essay-writers mention in their drug abuse essays. We talk about drug abuse more and more often nowadays, we read about it in the press and essays on drug abuse, we listen to podcasts about it, we hear of the tragedies that happened in the families of our friends due to drug use. Particularly concerning is the fact that drug addiction has a “young face” – the majority of drug abusers are people between the ages of 14 and 30. Our drug abuse essay samples will reveal some frightening statistics on drug use – give the samples a read.

Abuse of Drugs

Drug misuse is perceived to be the most serious public issue impacting almost all facets of the family or society. Every year the use of drugs leads to a variety of severe American accidents or illnesses. Cocaine, opium, marijuana and others are the most abusive narcotics. Drog abuse is the…

Words: 968

Pages: 4

Youth and Narcotics

Ling, W., Mooney, L., M. &Hillhouse, M. 2011. (2011). Abuse, pain, and addiction to prescription opioids: health problems and consequences. Analysis of drugs and alcohol, 30(3), 300-305. These two authors identify the importance of reducing the risk of harmful effects associated with opioid analgesics and provide recommendations for research on…

Words: 288

Pages: 2

Drug Abuse in Colleges

College students account for the bulk of opioid users in the United States. Addiction is more common in young adults aged 18 to 26. Students who attend college full-time are twice as likely as people who do not attend college to be substance addicts. Many students experience significant social anxiety…

Words: 1473

Pages: 6

Drug abuse

Drug misuse is a major threat to many countries worldwide today as a result of its detrimental threats to health and national security. Illegal drugs are killed every year by millions of lives that are endangering both development and consumer nations in social, economic, and political terms. It is a…

Words: 368

Pages: 2

Psychoactive drugs

Psychoactive medications contribute to psychological effects with multiple propensities. Established symptoms include anxiety, relief and hallucinations. Although reinforcement is a vital factor in the use of drugs, it is accepted that increased substance dependence results in violence. Therefore, the benefit is short-term in a situation where the pleasurable effects of…

Words: 291

Pages: 2

Health through the Life Cycle

The article “A lifetime development phase approach to the prevention of tobacco and other drug abuse” suggests that multiple phases of human development have a close association with prevention strategies and schemes for drug abuse (Sussman 1). Erikson’s theory of psychosocial growth in a person’s life also applies the analysis….

Words: 642

Pages: 3

Addiction of Opiates

In the world, opiates addiction is one of the greatest challenges of drug abuse. Opiates cover a variety of drugs, each legal and illegal. Examples include fentanyl, heroin, and opium. In some situations, they can be used as medicine, but also, a long-term usage of the drug can lead to…

Words: 918

Pages: 4

Violent video games and teenagers

Everyone has access to violent video games on the market. Many of these brutal videos focus on substance trafficking and human slayings. They also encourage illegal behavior that is disrespectful to authority and the rules. Notably, watching these videos has become a popular pastime for many adolescents. Teens spend more…

Words: 1558

Pages: 6

Alcohol abuse bad effects

Alcohol is a widely abused drug all around the world. It is common to see alcohol at any social event, all in the name of good times. People falsely think that alcohol gives them the courage to do something they would not do in sobriety, which is not the case….

Words: 1059

Pages: 4


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