Essays on Drug Abuse

Your drug abuse essay should shed some light on drug abuse as a personal and societal issue. After all, drugs are not just substances that are harmful to health – they rapidly and irreversibly destroy both the human body and personality. Effects of drugs on mental health are something that not all essay-writers mention in their drug abuse essays. We talk about drug abuse more and more often nowadays, we read about it in the press and essays on drug abuse, we listen to podcasts about it, we hear of the tragedies that happened in the families of our friends due to drug use. Particularly concerning is the fact that drug addiction has a “young face” – the majority of drug abusers are people between the ages of 14 and 30. Our drug abuse essay samples will reveal some frightening statistics on drug use – give the samples a read.

Drug and substance abuse

Drug and substance misuse is on the rise among many youngsters, particularly those in high school and in their teen years. The narcotics, more specifically carfentanil, have quickly spread among the youth. This medicine has had a negative impact on a number of countries, including the Republic of Canada. When...

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Heroin abuse: opioid crisis in the United States

Heroin misuse is one of the major causes of death in the United States of America due to the opioid crisis. Prescription and non-prescription behaviors can contribute to the abuse. Overdose is the leading cause of death associated with the use of this medicine. According to National Overdose Deaths, the...

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The expanded syringe access program

The extended syringe access program is a program funded by public health regulations that aims to increase syringe access and disposal among intravenous drug users. Syringe exchange programs are public health interventions that enable intravenous drug users obtain sterile needles at a lower cost. Given the necessity of keeping this...

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Scholar of Change- film analysis

As narrated by Jackie KT, the movie provides an overview of the increasing number of drug overdose instances. Jackie states that she is a mother and a nurse in Wisconsin and has seen instances of drug use in the Green County over the past few years. She says she became...

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Drug usage among Teenagers

What is the relationship between mental health and behavior, and how may psychological health treatment help youngsters avoid drug usage and addiction? Review of Literature M. Olfson, B. G. Druss, and S. C. Marcus (2015). Trends in child and adolescent mental health care. 2029-2038 in the New England Journal of Medicine, 372(21). According...

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Affect of Drugs on Society

Recent years have seen a sharp global denunciation of drug abuse, with prominent international organizations calling for immediate action by the appropriate authorities to improve the situation. Drug misuse, along with smoking and alcohol addiction, has become a big issue in many nations, including the US, where $486 billion was...

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Drugs and Crime Rate in the US relationship

In the twentieth century, the prevalence of opioid addiction in the United States increased exponentially. Many stakeholders became worried that the narcotics were adversely impacting different facets of the growth of American societies. Crime is one aspect of social life that has gained a lot of attention in regards to...

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About Medical Marijuana as a Gateway Drug

Medical marijuana is a term that refers to the use of unprocessed or whole cannabis plants, or their primary extracts, to relieve various effects of diseases and disorders (Chu 121). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has not licensed or accepted marijuana as a medicine. Various...

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The term "dope" is used to describe something exceptional or exceptional, as well as something admirable or praiseworthy. It's also likely that drug addicts use the term in comments like "as good as being high on dope" and "is it dope" to hide their actions after buying drugs from a...

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The United States is at war and has been fighting a drug war for over a century. At least four heads of state have personally led the drug war. However, the country is losing ground because a large number of opioid addicts and peddlers continue to crowd clinics, trials, and...

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Why relationships don’t work in recovery

Drug misuse remains a controversial topic that has sparked a wide range of studies and viewpoints. Drug abusers display behavioral, physiological, and cognitive patterns that evolve as a result of long-term alcohol dependence and a loss of self-control, with the drug of choice acting as the main motivator. Drug recovery...

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drug abuse cause and effects

Drugs are any drugs that induce biochemical changes in the body when swallowed, inhaled, ingested, or smoked (, 2017). Many people falsely believe that substance misuse and addiction are solely a societal phenomenon and that those who engage in it are psychologically deficient. Nonetheless, addiction is a pathological condition that...

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