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Drug misuse is a major threat to many countries worldwide today as a result of its detrimental threats to health and national security. Illegal drugs are killed every year by millions of lives that are endangering both development and consumer nations in social, economic, and political terms. It is a global epidemic which has forced every country to take robust steps to battle it. In this opinion, the US Government is using the ‘war on drugs’ strategy to try to avoid the provision, distribution and sale of hard drugs (Michelle). However, it has elicited mixed reactions from people and social advocates citing economic sabotage and little success to end illegal drug use in the United States.

For one, the proportion of users of illicit drugs in the United States has not realized any significant changes since the inception of the policy “War on Drugs.” Collusion between the government officials and drug traffickers has been a substantial detriment to the success of the strategy (Barry). Besides, the unwillingness of many nations to partner in controversial law enforcement. Lack of restrictions on drug trafficking by countries implies that international legislation would encounter many political obstacles more so the issue of sovereignty (Carpenter). Failure of the policy has also been attributed to the United States emphasis directed towards the consumers rather than addressing the cause.

In conclusion, the War on Drugs policy has had little if any success in combating illicit drug use in the United States. Conviction and incarceration of drug users in prisons have only increased detentions in the country which has attracted criticism from social advocates. However, it has also increased government spending in a bid to control drug use. Finally, a change of strategies and policies is essential in curbing illegal drug use. Therefore, enhancing supply-side efforts and education of the people and establishment of rehabilitation programs would produce viable results in the war on drugs.

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