Essays on Federal Government

The Independence of the US Supreme Court

The Independence of the US Supreme Court The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States that was created by the Founding Fathers to interpret the Constitution and maintain a system of checks and balances on the Presidency and Congress (Manaster 20). Judicial Independence Most importantly, the US Founding Fathers created...

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Analyzing the War on Drugs: Perspectives on Policy and Impact in the US and Mexico

Drug syndicates and or trafficking cartels, try to move and sell drugs illegally across borders. The war on drugs, is enforcement of laws and fighting drug traffickers using agencies, security forces, and the military to suppress drug trafficking thereby curtailing the power of drug syndicates (Lynch, 176). The extent of...

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Madison's Characteristics of the American Government

1. Question: Looking at the states that have voter ID laws today, what evidence is there to support the belief of advocates that voter ID laws may prevent voter fraud and what evidence to support critics that these laws are designed to prevent voters from...

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A Comparison between Unitary and Federal Systems of Government

A Comparison of Unitary and Federal Government Systems A unitary state is a country that governed as a single entity with one national constitution. In these countries, the power of the government is delegated to regional assemblies. The central government maintains the right to delegate and recall these powers. Unitary states...

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The Role of Congress

The United States Congress The United States Congress is the nation’s lawmaking agency. Congress consists of two houses which are the Senate and the House of Representatives. Congress looks like the people it represents because the members of Congress serve the interest of their constituents. Their constituents are the people who...

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The Rise of Pluralism in America

It is the ideas of monism and absolutism that gave rise to the concept of pluralism in Europe. The reason for the development and rise of pluralism in the United States was attributed to the need and desired to limit the power of the state as ascribed in the new...

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Eligibility Requirements for Federal Judges

Article III of the United States Constitution Article III of the United States Constitution holds that federal judges are part of federal courts referred to as guardians of the Constitution. Through nomination and confirmation by the President and Congress respectively, judges remain on the bench for life. Federal judges follow an...

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Domestic Terrorism in the United States

The United States Government and Domestic Policies The United States government has managed to reform many of its domestic policies over the past decade. However, the recent event of the Orlando nightclub shooting on 12th June 2016 bears with it a lot of contradiction. The contradiction puts into perspective the measures...

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The United States Immigration and Border Security Problems

This is an essay paper about the United States immigration and border security problems and how this has affected the primary objective of the Department of Homeland Security. This paper will begin by giving a brief history of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and how this department...

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The American Bill of Rights

America's Introduction of the Bill of Rights America introduced the bill of rights with the mission of safeguarding particular ultimate rights of all people in the country from being manipulated by the national government. Similarly, American constitution should give the same defense to all people against malicious acts of the state...

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Congressional Gridlock

The Congressional Gridlock The congressional gridlock entails a situation where the Congress cannot perform its constitutional duties because of political differences between the two leading political parties in the United States; the Democrats and the Republicans. Moreover, the situation is made worse by radical political affiliation to each opposing sides to...

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Comparison of the Texas and US Constitutions

Title 1: Compare and Contrast the US Constitution and Texas Constitution A constitution is the fundamental element of a nation’s government or state, that contains a body of principles in form of laws, customs or institutions according to which a state/ country is governed. The US constitution was written in 1797...

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