Essays on Surveillance

Police Perception and Use of Body Wear Cameras

Research Question: What is the appropriate use of body worn cameras by police and other law enforcement personnel in the United States? Body Worn Cameras-Issues, Importance and Correct Practices Body worn cameras are most recent in surveillance technology and have been developed with the objective of enforcing better order and security in...

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The Effects of Surveillance on Society

State scrutiny and the constant warnings about the American culture and law has turned out to be a pertinent component of the surveillance systems in the contemporary livelihood (Fuchs 2013, p.673). Despite the surveillance warnings being typical and hence commonplace in the country, their application is hardly specific, considering that...

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Surveillance and Eavesdropping at the Workplace

Workplace electronic surveillance and eavesdropping at the workplace refers to the activities and systems put in place by employers to monitor the activities, location and communication of their workers either with the knowledge of the employees or not (West, Bowman, " Gertz, 2014). The surveillance can be conducted with different...

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The use of closed-circuit television (CCTV),

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video cameras, is a common component of contemporary monitoring. The tendency has accelerated as a result of the availability of ever-cheaper cameras and the fear of terrorism, with both public and private security officials using advanced systems that are problematic for contemporary society. (Choi...

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Home monitoring technologies benefits

Home monitoring technologies allow patients to be monitored at home rather than in traditional clinical settings. It is critical in the treatment of chronic disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. They have the potential to greatly improve a patient's quality of life. Blood pressure gauges and breath flow monitors are...

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Espionage is the process of obtaining top-secret military or political intelligence from a foreign government. The cold war is known as the "era of espionage," when the United States and the Soviet Union employed spies to gather and transmit extremely sensitive information. The Office of Strategic Services was abolished and...

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Roles of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches with Regard to Digital Privacy

Through widespread digital surveillance, many governments and commercial organizations are breaching a fundamental human right. The right to privacy is now unattainable due to the development of digital technology. The right to privacy is guaranteed to consumers of digital media. To deal with the revelation of personal information in the...

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Government Surveillance: Bibliography

Surveillance and Government Monitoring Surveillance refers to the government s efforts to collect information about its citizens without their knowledge or access to private areas. Communication, physical, and transaction monitoring are all types of surveillance that are currently in use. In the United States, the concept of government surveillance dates back...

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The use of Drones

The Rise of Drones The use of Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), has been on the rise since they were first used for observation and target shooting during military flights. According to Wagner 25, the first known use of UAVs occurred in August 1849 when Austria invaded Venice...

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Surveillance in the city

Tracking and Surveillance Tracking refers to the process of monitoring a person or activity. It is likewise an ongoing procedure or operation to obtain appropriate information on a particular event. Monitoring in a school setting is of utmost importance as it is important to maintain a high degree of discipline and...

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Network Diagnosis and Surveillance System

A network diagnosis and surveillance system occasionally document user's data files and values of network overall performance to identify anomalies, determining the cause of the problem, and measure the effectiveness of the community performance. Due to advancements in computer technology which makes a non-stop diagnosis and monitoring critical is its...

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