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Would you like some help with your ethics essay? We have everything prepared! Check out our ethics essay samples – they have many constructive ideas to guide you through the study of ethics. Ethics, or philosophy of morality, studies a moral problem of good and evil, and principles of moral relations between people. Most essays on ethics feature a similar definition. The term "ethics" Aristotle formed from the Greek word “ethos”, which can be translated as “character and customs”. Many ethics essays study modern ethics, which is composed of a large number of theories, the main of which is the ethics of virtue, the ethics of duty, and the ethics of values. Ethics revises all human life and activity from the point of view of a conscious, individually responsible choice. You are welcome to view our essay samples for further information below!

Ethical Dilemmas: A Case Study

In the scenario, it would be ethical to report the improprieties to the Foundation. The project was meant to develop 15 programs that would support 500 individuals from 10 stated priority groups within the city. However, half of the programs were yet to be developed while 150 people from other...

Words: 318

Pages: 2

The Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen, established in 1937, is a German manufacturer of vans and automobiles. The company has its headquarters in Wolfsburg and employs more than 117,000 worldwide (Jung and Valero 2017, p.1114). The automaker is part of the Volkswagen Group along with other multinational companies. Volkswagen has enjoyed considerable competitive advantage in...

Words: 1196

Pages: 5

Ethics at Lockheed Martin

The 1995 merger led to the first printing of the Lockheed Martin code of ethics and business conduct, which is also referred to as setting the standards. The code is considered the first line of defense when battling lawsuits against or criminal charges where senior management are held accountable for...

Words: 898

Pages: 4

Project Management Ethics

Project managers have an obligation to fulfill the highest ethical standards while performing their duties. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct discusses the expectations placed on project managers (Boral, 2016). Professionals from project management formed the Code based on their decision-making processes. Values such as honesty, fairness, respect, and...

Words: 648

Pages: 3

Potential Impacts of the Starbucks Choosing to or Not to Address the Anti-Competitive Strategies Through Corporate Policy

The concept where businesses need to be concerned with more than just profit is known as corporate social responsibility (CSR). Therefore, protecting the business environment is the major aspect of social responsibility. Moreover, CSR makes an effort of addressing social problems such as poverty. Consequently, the CSR practices within a...

Words: 1163

Pages: 5

Business Ethics Explained

Business ethics are moral standards that an organization depends on while making decisions. Also, it is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that surveys ethical principles and moral or ethical problems appearing in a business environment. They are applied to define what is good and what is bad...

Words: 2215

Pages: 9

The Importance of Being Ethical in Decision Making

The success of any business or organizations strongly lies in the hands of its management’s ability to make effective and efficient decisions and at the same time observe to the ethical practices (Rees, Tenbrunsel " Bazerman, 2018). Thus, organizations that are fond of neglecting one or all of the above...

Words: 1373

Pages: 5

Ethical Dilemma in Business

The ethical dilemma in this scenario is that there is a very serious drought in California and the people of California have been requested to use less water. We sue more than two thousand five hundred gallons of water to produce our products, for instance, chicken, lettuce, beef and walnuts. ...

Words: 1136

Pages: 5

Ethics Origin

Ethics are generally moral principles that determine what is good for the society or individuals. Ethics are derived from the collective beliefs of a society as well as the values of its citizens. Individual ethics comes from people's willingness to make the necessary hard choices between good and bad for the...

Words: 896

Pages: 4

The Ethical Issue of Wells Fargo

This paper seeks to describe the current ethical issue that impacts the growth, survival, as well as the profitability of Wells Fargo. For sure, the issues are vital and urgent for the company to address in order to redeem its image. Here, a relevant framework such as virtue ethics, consequentialism,...

Words: 4267

Pages: 16

The Role of Ethics in Business Communication

Business ethics is a subject that varies greatly from one business to another regarding how it is interpreted and executed by businesses. In some cases, what seems ethical in a given business may not be the case in another and this also extends to the employees. Each business should understand...

Words: 1784

Pages: 7

Ethical Dilemma in the Marketing Industry

Describe three rights and responsibilities of employees based on the scenario. Employees have a right and responsibility to ensure that they perform their jobs to completion. Employees need to perform their duties seriously and work carefully and with integrity to ensure that the employer gets maximum return for work done.It...

Words: 501

Pages: 2

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