Essays on Self Reflection

Personal Centered therapy

In Stan’s life, self-doubt is a hampering barrier. It is important to have a good bond with Stan, and the first step in helping him cope with self-doubt. I will listen to Stan appropriately, despite reading his autobiography and encourage him to share more about his life and memories, reaffirming…

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Pages: 2

A journey of philosophy through world religions

I am drawn to the contemplation of my path of researching religions from a metaphysical point of view and taking a more academic view of the main religions of the world. Early in childhood, I was told to honor other people’s religious views, but I never really knew what that…

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Exercise on Individual Reflection

Organizational behavior describes how a person in a group relates to his or her colleagues (Wagner and Hollenbeck 2015, p.3). The primary objective of group work is to accomplish a particular objective within a short period and to strengthen mutual relationships to provide academic and professional development. One of the…

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society and business reflective journal

The first thought-provoking entry asks you to ponder on, ‘If we were to experience work as genuinely significant, there would be value to be found in the work itself, some inner sense, not only paying for it (Svendsen, 2016, p.10). Jobs can be viewed as having a difference because one…

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Pages: 5

World religions philosophical journey

When I end my studies this semester, I am drawn to a meditation on my journey of researching religions from a metaphysical point of view and taking a more academic view of the world’s main religions. In my early childhood, I was told to value other people’s religious views, but…

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