Essays on Free Will

Free Will and Determinism

Psychological theories claim that human beings are the products of their environment and they have no control over the influences of this environment. The argument by empiricism theorists that human behaviors are pre-determined by an individual’s past has led to numerous debates with the proponent of the ideology claiming that...

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The Debate of Making Education Free

The debate of having public funded education or not dates back to the era of America’s  founding fathers. Education has been an important element in building the society but its access is hindered by the fiscal burden making the attainment of higher education to be a remote idea. Education explains...

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The Free Will-Determinism Debate

The free will-determinism debate has lasted for decades, where theorists and scholars seek to explore the human nature by questioning the ideas of human freedom and choice. Free will and determinism are two contradicting positions that focus on explaining the factors that influence human behavior. Determinism is a doctrine that...

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Deterrence Theory - Free Will

One of the main components of the criminal justice system is the deterrent idea. The main goal of this strategy is to deter people from committing crimes by applying clearly defined penalties and creating a fear of getting discovered and receiving these punishments. (Manzoni and Beccaria 75). Specific and general...

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Is a Willing Addict Really Liberated?

Being free, as it is commonly understood, involves doing what one wants to do. Most philosophers have opted to use the argument of alternate possibilities in assessing whether or not a person has free choice (Frankfurt 829). The precise interpretation of this idea, however, has been hotly contested. This essay...

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Determination vs Free Will

Philosophers define free will as the ability to choose, think, and act voluntarily. Free will is not only concerned with external conditions or fate, but also with humans' ability to be responsible for and authors of their own acts. Free will is an illusion formed by the human brain that...

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The Possibility of Free Will

The art of choosing a sensible course of action amid existing alternatives is referred to as free will. Free Will can also refer to the ability to make decisions in situations when prior events have already determined the outcome. Some philosophers argue that the concepts of free will and moral...

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Freewill and Compatibilism

The modern world is one in which any human activity is connected to both cause and repercussion. There is a classic difficulty of free will, which is to reconcile an element of freedom with evident determinism in a world dominated by causes and effects. There are events in the same...

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Autonomy and Society Van den Bos

People strive to feel free, or what is more commonly referred to as having personal autonomy. However, social divisions imposed as a result of social order prevent humans from achieving complete independence. The social constructions of society influence people's behavior in advance. The standards and expected social behavior are determined...

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Most Persuasive Free Will

Which Will of Free Will do you find most convincing (Hard Deterministic, Compatibilist, Libertarian)? Hard determinism is the belief that everything happens for a reason. They believe there is a cause for behavior, but they disagree about what those causes are (Chaffee.,2016). They believe that universal causal laws govern the...

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The ability to make decisions without being manipulated or obstructed is known as free will. It is intimately linked to the concepts of guilt, duty, praise, sin, and assumptions regarding freely chosen acts. Persuasion, prohibition, suggestion, and deliberation were all associated with it. Naturally, works completed willingly and without coercion...

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