Essays on Philosophy of Life

Utilitarianism and John Stuart Mill

The principle of utility by Bentham The principle of utility by Bentham focuses on pleasure and pain in life. In particular, it approves or rejects an action based on its consequences (Perry et al. 481). Also, it equates pain with evil and pleasure with good. Bentham believed that one could quantify...

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Ethical Decision Making

The basic code of ethics in any profession The basic code of ethics in any profession, not only engineering is to ensure that there is full disclosure and honesty maintained at every step in carrying out the duties of the given profession. The primary reason is to mitigate against any possible...

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Kant's Views on Moral Obligation

The philosophical proponents of moral obligation such as Kant affirm that is incorrect to assert that all the right acts are right for the same reason. The two important issues to consider in this case are the effects of the action and the action itself. However, most philosophers agree that...

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Kant's Conception of Happiness

According to Aristotle, happiness depends on ourselves more than other people. For this reason, he gave this topic more time in his era. He established that happiness is an activity according to virtue and therefore the activity is according to the highest virtue. In most cases, it is referred to...

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The Philosophy of Matrix

Matrix is a movie which contains substantial philosophical content. The main goal of the Paper is to evaluate how the film raises questions like those of Plato and Descartes philosophy. The movie is futuristic than Plato and the French philosopher Rene Descartes in the 17th century. Matrix portrays human life...

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The Trolley Problem

The trolley problem is a thought experiment involving ethical conflict and moral paradox. It was first proposed by Phillipa Foot in 1967 and later analyzed extensively by Judith Jarvis Thompson. The trolley problem poses a decision making challenge wherein one has to decide between two tracks in the way of...

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The Contribution of Enlightenment Philosophers to Cultural Development

Modern science has its attributes t the period or ranging between 17thC and 18th Centuries where specialization in the field of science became increasingly important, as theories which were being developed defined scientific developments. Copernicanism during the period was revived as it marked a better platform for advancing (Porter and...

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What does it mean to be human?

The Query of What it Means to be Human The query of what it means to be human has the philosophy of a group of hostel rooms. This question aims to cast a wider net and make the college problem seem more significant. The topic compels us to consider an individual's...

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The Issue of Public vs. Private Use of Reason

What is Enlightenment, according to his essay? After examining the causes of the lack of enlightenment, Kant examines the conditions that must be met in order for enlightenment to occur. Kant goes on to address the public and private uses of reason and makes an argument for how each can...

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The Punishment Philosophy

Philosophy of Retribution The philosophy of punishment includes aspects like retribution, rehabilitation, and incapacitating conditions, among others. The components aim to punish offenders for their socially detrimental behavior. The document will highlight rehabilitation as the proper way to punish offenders. The goal of rehabilitation is to change the offender's behavior and...

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Existentialism and “Notes from the Underground”

Existentialism in Notes from the Underground Existentialism is a philosophical idea that holds that each individual is ultimately accountable for their existence. According to this theory, people spend their entire lives trying to find and alter their essence. Because they possess free will, humans use their decisions to define...

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Extreme Happiness

Positive psychology faces numerous obstacles and critics in the twenty-first century. While some philosophers support emphasizing extreme pleasure, others disagree. Notably, Ed Dier's analysis has revealed what causes happiness and why individuals experience it. Positive psychology should also sympathize because it makes people happier. Having said that, since it prolongs...

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