Essays on Immortality

Gilgamesh Arrogance of Power

Humans have a lot of vanity and want to be immortal so they can accept anything that comes their way. Because of this, people can commit immoral actions to satisfy their innermost desires. Humans are prone to believe that humankind will endure forever even though this is not the case....

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The Epic of Gilgamesh Essay Analysis

Humans' Desire for Immortality and the Pursuit of Purpose Humans are loaded with ego and desire to live an immortal existence in order to accept whatever comes their way. As a result, humanity might commit immoral activities to satisfy their heart needs. Despite the knowledge that humanity will not exist forever,...

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The Future of Anti-Aging - senolytics

Folklore surrounding the hunt for the fountain of youth. The subject of numerous urban legends. No matter the country, era, or generation, it seems that people are preoccupied with maintaining their best health and frequently have the wish to live forever. But it goes without saying that everyone passes away....

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Daytripper series

The main motivation behind creating this work of art was to illustrate the everyday struggles that individuals face, like death, but also highlighting their longing for immortality, as seen in the multimodal images above. The artwork's main goal is to draw attention to the behavioral parts of people's lives that...

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The Soul's Immortality

Both throughout their lifetime and after death Every human being has two sides that are separable. And there are benefits to any aspect of life. The incentive, on the other hand, may be either positive or negative. Punishments are one form of negative incentive. This is the general stance put forward...

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The Case for Homosexuality

John Corvino discusses different aspects of homosexuality defense, including the rare or pathological nature of homosexuality. As a result, he claims that homosexuality's uncommon nature cannot be equated with immorality since individuals will participate in other unusual behaviors as well. Another argument discussed is the idea that since animals do...

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Eternal life is a great promise of immortality

While Eternal existence is a great promise of immortality the question as to whether people should lose themselves or not from the physical and ethical world in order to be immortal pose a great dilemma. Of course in order to be reincarnated in eternity people have to go away from...

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