The ways we lie is a book written by Stephanie Erickson

Stephanie Erickson, a screenwriter, and copywriter who works in advertising wrote the book The Ways We Cheat. Stephanie was born in 1953 in San Francisco and grew up there. Stephanie’s other writings include self-help books such as Companion In the Darkness and Inner Dialogues on Grief (1993). As it appeared…

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lie, truth, communication – “The Ways We Lie”

In this work, I want to talk about the idea of deception, the motives for lying, and the different kinds of lies that are told every day. Deception is an event or assertion that is meant to obscure the facts or the true meaning of a circumstance. Furthermore, it may…

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Lie to Me TV Series Research

Lie to Me is the third episode of Season one of the TV series Buffy the giant slayer, written and directed by Joss Whedon and used to be broadcast originally on 3, November 1997. The episode is a spectacular part usually considered a pivotal episode of the entire Series. One…

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a big lie

It was only later that I realized it was all a huge lie. For all those years, I thought he was gone for good. I knew at the back of my mind that we would never see each other again. As a result, I spent those months weeping alone in…

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Eternal life is a great promise of immortality

While Eternal existence is a great promise of immortality the question as to whether people should lose themselves or not from the physical and ethical world in order to be immortal pose a great dilemma. Of course in order to be reincarnated in eternity people have to go away from…

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lie, truth, communication_“The Ways We Lie”

Lying can by an action or a statement which is purposely advanced to hide the truth or the real nature of a situation. Besides, it can be anything that is meant or gives a false impression. These two definitions say that there are different types of lies. In this case,…

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Liar Liar

Whereas humankind has executed various ground-breaking fetes, simple tasks such as telling the reality always still prove challenging. As a result, it turns into a common phenomenon for people constantly to inform lies. In light of this situation, Stephanie Ericsson examines various ways in which we lie, the more than…

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