Essays on Conflict Resolution

Role and Scope of Top Managers in Any Organization

The role and scope of top managers in any organization demands constant interaction with their team members and developing strategies that may assist the firm to be more competitive in the industry. Importantly, managing conflict plays an important role in ensuring that employees develop critical thinking abilities and are able...

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Types of International Conflicts

Among the six types of conflicts Three are connected with the phenomenon of nationalism, and they are religious fervor, ethnic hatred, and ideology. The sources of international conflict based on the identity that is modeled by nationalism act as the linkage between internationally recognized statehood and citizenship. A nation includes a...

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The UN is Better at Resolving Conflicts between States than Conflicts within States

The approaches in the conflict resolutions have been rapidly changing globally since the collapse of the Cold War. The old system in the world has evolved, but it is not clear the whether the new system has kicked off. The old system of colonialism was unstuck, but the new emerging...

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A Comparative Analysis of Conflict Management Strategies in Manufacturing and Service Sectors

What are the basics that a journal, a book or any other important source of information regarding conflict resolution that should be well covered? Conflict is a field that has become very important in society today. It cannot be evaded. It plays most of the fundamental roles in the wellbeing...

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Prejudice and Stereotype in Conflict Resolution

[Prejudice and stereotype are similar since they both refer to the attitudes and feelings that one has towards a particular individual or group in the society. These attitudes may be positive or negative. In this case, there is a specific prejudice on women that their work is simply staying home...

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Application of Contact Hypothesis and Cooperation Hypothesis in Conflict Resolution

Human nature is prone to the in-group associations which results in prejudgment and formation of mainly hostile attitudes based on limited information a situation known as prejudice. As a result, prejudice leads to the development of stereotypes, discriminatory behavior, and even bullying which are the basic aspects of conflict development....

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Policy for Handling Individual Complaints

Workplace conflict is an inevitable challenge that is faced by every organization as a result of the varying employee backgrounds as well as different approaches towards achieving shared organizational goals and purposes. In a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development in 2015, it was revealed that...

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Management of Conflict between Full-time and Part-time Employees

Poor relations between employees can result in high turnover regardless of good pay given to the employees. The HR manager has established that there is a conflict between the full- time employees and part-time employees. There are various reasons that would explain the existing conflict between the employees. Employees forced...

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“How does the consumption of different cuisines influence humans to appreciate other cultures, views, and attitudes that can be used to resolve cultural conflict?”

Food studies, a relatively new field that aims to investigate both historical and modern associations between conflict and food, provide the best explanation for the relationship between food intake and its relationship to conflict resolution. Studies of food go beyond the culinary, nutritional, or digestive elements to include the aesthetic...

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Antebellum and Dueling

This article critique examines and contrasts two articles: The nose, the lie, and the duel in the antebellum South by Greenberg and The Deadliest of Games: The Institution of Dueling by Kingston and Robert. The fact that both of these articles discuss dueling, a common way for males to settle disputes...

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Conflict Prevention and International Organizations

Conflict resolution and crisis prevention are critical components of any development strategy. International organizations have the power and capacity to dramatically influence policy in any development strategy option. International institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), International Police Organization (Interpol), European Union...

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Report on managing conflict

Many people have dealt with conflict at some point in their lives, according to the data available. Therefore, a variety of organizational challenges lead to disputes among coworkers, which sometimes even turn into animosity. There are individuals who even take the unpleasant effects of the confrontations home, which has a...

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