Thomas Stephen Szasz YouTube video

In his YouTube video, Thomas Stephen Szasz (Szasz) makes the case that both psychiatry and religion are committed to restricting people’s freedom. Sociologically speaking, religion is a unifying force that, by fostering coherence, has the ability to influence societal beliefs as a whole. Religious organizations cared for the community’s mentally…

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Protecting SMES from cyberbullying

The need for protecting small businesses from cybercrime is the major topic of this YouTube video. Internet security is a critical component for all enterprises, Welivesecurity underlines, even though it may not be the top concern. As a result, five strategies are offered to lower the danger of cybercrime, including…

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Review of Batman

It was challenging to get to watch a TV show every week when I was a kid, particularly in my home country, so discovering a new series every time was like hitting the jackpot on a treasure hunt. Because of all of the happy memories and flashbacks I mentioned, I…

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DNA Extraction Procedure

The purpose of this practical is to extract DNA by both Youtube procedure or commonly used laboratory process called salting out method. Usual practice is to use one method, mostly, Youtube technique while comparing with effects of other method. Within each method, fruit samples of strawberry and kiwi fruits are…

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