Essays on Cultural Competence

Assessment of Cultural Competency

This assignment teaches you about S.K.'s culture. The assessment's primary goal is to establish if she receives appropriate medical care. According to Purnell (2015), the assessment can lead to the establishment of an efficient medical strategy. The interviewee was a Cuban with the initials S.K. Her community occupies one-third of Cuba...

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Social and Cultural Diversity

Cultural competence is a crucial prerequisite for all professional counselors as the population gets more diverse. One must identify their values, experiences, attitudes, and behaviors that may affect how they engage with customers in order to become culturally competent (Lee, 2013). In this essay, I discuss personal biases that might...

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Cultural Awareness

Cultural Competence - Adding Headings with HTML TagsCultural Competence Cultural competence is the ability of people from various cultural backgrounds to communicate effectively with one another. It primarily entails comprehending people of various ages, abilities, races, gender, and national origin, among other things.American Culture The American culture, for example, is competent and...

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Training on cultural competence

With the ever-changing demographics that have become visible globally, cultural competence has become an essential aspect in the creation and establishment of a conducive working environment, with this paper thus providing a scope on what cultural competency is, understanding cultural competency, reasons why organizations are embracing cultural competency, and benefits...

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cultural competence

Cultural Competence My feeling for cultural competence is to improve people's awareness, to be open and respectful of different cultural viewpoints, to enhance cultural security and to work for equal opportunity. Relationship building is important for cultural competence and is built on the basis of the shared know-how. The value of...

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