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Technology is Causing People to be Disconnected, Lonely and Anxious

In terms of social interaction and ease of doing things, technology is one of man’s greatest achievements. This has mostly occurred in the area of social media, where the advent of sites such as Facebook and Instagram has resulted in humans becoming more linked than ever before. Since major business…

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Social media can be defined as the applications that facilitate their users to initiate and spread information

Social media may be described as apps that make it easier for users to initiate and disseminate information or to participate in networking. Examples of those apps include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat. This social media sites are seen as the future of communication. Social networking formats have made…

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Becoming Less Connected Through Connection

The spoken word has been under threat of imperialism since the dawn of time. Even before our ancestors evolved and became acquainted with the language, they used pictures to communicate, and then sophisticated minds developed that we’re able to communicate using words from all over the world. As time passed,…

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Facebooks, Twitter and Instagram against each other

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms serves as a tool for marketing, communication, and education service (Salomon, 412). There are differences between the mentioned social media service platforms, and we will disclose these differences in the following paper. We start by pointing out the…

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Culture and technological advancement

The advancement of social media sites has reshaped the societal experiences of many people across the world. A substantial part of the world’s population is either on social media sites or on both of them. These social media sites include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Connect or Snap Chat. Social media…

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Cell phone camera and Instagram have ruined the photography business

Photography was a trendy business not until the beginning of the 18th century. The arrival of mobile phones with high-quality cameras has destroyed the market, resulting in a decreased profit margin for people venturing into those fields. Individuals in the photography industry spoke about the low turnover of the company…

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Sanderson and Smith’s post reflects on the self-presentation of Instagram athletes. Using Instagram feeds from 27 eligible athletes, the writers infer how sportsmen use public networking platforms to talk to the community (Smith and Sanderson 1). In addition, the mixed approach was used to analyze captions and images in such…

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Advantages of Technology

Technology is predicted to makes us more connected to people throughout the globe. It enables us to get in touch with various pals most of the time on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course through texting. But it has increased the stage of loneliness among the people all around the…

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