Advantages of Technology

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Technology is predicted to makes us more connected to people throughout the globe. It enables us to get in touch with various pals most of the time on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course through texting. But it has increased the stage of loneliness among the people all around the world. Yes, loneliness has come to be a high common occurrence in the previous few years. Majorly, this has been driven hugely by the developments in the technology sector. It has enabled people to be exposed to many humans daily. Unlike in the previous years, when people could talk or converse face to face, in the current community or society, most of these contacts take area via a computer monitor, cell phone or a television screen (Campbell 14).

Face to face interaction among humans are designed genetically to acquire satisfaction from a relationship that is meaningful to people who are real, and apparently, they mutually gain many advantages from doing so. Technology has enhanced global communication to be much possible, but paradoxically, it creates fewer interactions among humans. For example, few years ago, a family could sit and eat together as they talked to one another, but nowadays it has been common for family members to sit staring at the television and eat without talking. Eating with family members is enjoyable, and it will be hard for an individual who is used to discussing for instance their day at the table not being able to do so. Though technology facilitates communication among several people globally, in reality, no matter how many people or friends you have on Facebook or any social network, they end up resulting in the same thing. This bubble of technology keeps an individual isolated from the contact of real human contact and interaction.

When a person becomes isolated from the other people, the aspect of loneliness will still encrypt since the virtual friends won’t satisfy the desires, wants, and needs in the long run.


Campbell, Todd A. “iPads, iPods and Technology-Enabled Isolation: If We’re So Connected, Why are We so Alone?” GSTF Journal of Music (JMusic), vol. 1, no. 1, 2014, pp. 14-19.

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