The Economic Impacts of the iPhone 6 Plus

One of the products that have been contributing to the growth of the U.S. economy is the iPhone 6 plus. In the year 2015, the sales from iPhone 6 formed 10% of the economic growth and 0.3% of the GDP change in America (Ross, 2017). However, over the years, the...

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The Most Treasured Belonging and Important Object in My Life as a Student

My iPhone 7 is the most treasured belonging and important object in my life as a student. The smartphone has cutting-edge features and functionalities that have proved it’s a treasure. The smartphone has a wider touchscreen display and a powerful resolution, which enable the user to take clear pictures. It...

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Current Economic Event

One of the reasons there were long lines for consumers wanting to purchase the iPhone 7 in late 2016 and early 2017 was that demand outstripped availability. As a result, through pre-ordering the items, the majority of consumers left the product stores empty-handed. As compared to previous years, the situation...

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setting ground rules in conflict resolution

Michael is sitting on a three-seater sofa in the middle of the room with his slender iPhone as I enter the living room with a composed smile. Me: Hey, how the hell are you doing? Michael: I'm all right, thank you. (He's getting up to give me a...

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