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SWOT analysis Walmart

Walmart is the world’s leading retail company. It markets and operates as a discount chain. The firm was Sam Walton founded firm and he had an approach of selling products at the cheapest price in the market, thus cutting down his profit margin, but chose to depend on large sales...

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Value-chain analysis Tiffany and Co

Tiffany and Co is an American luxury jewelry company that began in 1837 as a stationery and upmarket merchandise emporium but later specialized in jewelry in 1853. Since then, the company has opened stores in major capitals all over the world. Tiffany and Co became a fully-fledged publicly traded corporation...

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Growth of Electronic Word of Mouth and Online Review Services

This chapter underlines a critical analysis of current literature material on the topic under study. The section outlines and discusses E-retailer sustainability via electronic word of mouth (eEWM). Additionally, the paper analyses the growth of online reviews services and electronic word of mouth. Analysis of the effects and impacts of...

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The Use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool

The social media platform acts as a frontline in marketing goods and services in the business firms. Business industries can now access resources that were unavailable building worthiness and creating strategic relationships between the customers and suppliers through interaction. Understanding the social media is a rising necessity for business owners...

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Technology Adoption in the Hospitality Industry

The research examined impacts of technology in the restaurant industry. In order to formulate appropriate answers for the study, quantitative approach was used because of its capability to gather enough data for the findings. Besides, 100 individuals participated in the research where they provided different views regarding how the adoption...

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The Importance of Technology in Restaurants

The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of technology in the restaurant industry particularly the importance of these innovations on the overall operations. The section provides results for the finding from the primary and secondary data collected regarding the research problem. Notably, the specific objectives that were...

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The Reasons Why Customers-Facing Employees Decide to Leave or Move to Another Employer or Different Sector

The methodology chapter provides a rationale and details for the research. The study investigates the reasons why customers-facing employees decide to leave or move to another employer or different sector altogether. This section elaborates the research philosophy, instruments, demographics, population, data analysis, and ethical guidelines for the research work. 3.1. Research...

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Organisational Cultures of Tesco and Next PLC

The core objective of the study The core objective of the present study was to present an exhaustive analysis of the organisational cultures adopted by selected companies in the UK's retail segment and their impact on the successful management (sustainability) of the businesses. Proposed solutions to challenges In addition, the study also proposed...

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Target Customer Segment Analysis

I-water Inc Company is a high technology start-up which aims to improve household products. The company will launch its first ever product, I-water smart bottle in 3 months time. This product has been tremendously improved to cater for the needs of the customers. This makes it have a competitive edge...

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Customer Acceptance of Automated Service Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Adoption of technology in the restaurant industry has been accelerated by emerging technological development and stiffer competition. The rising reputation of the self-service technology (SST) and gains accrued to both customers and hoteliers, diminishes the significance of personal service in the industry. Players in the industry are embracing these technologies...

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Identifying Internal Threats to Family Businesses and The Role Of Family Members in Dealing With The Weaknesses

Families have been a significant part of the establishment of successful businesses all over the world. In the United States, they cover almost 80% of the firms that are managing the industries playing a crucial role in providing employment and running the economy, which makes them an important area of...

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Tsuleff's Prospecting Techniques

There is a lot of competition in any industry. Therefore, it is essential for Tsuleff to come up with new techniques that will enable him to succeed and achieve his goals. However, a person may wonder why he has to do this yet it is evident from the scenario given...

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