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The Granularity and Concreteness of Service-Oriented Architecture

With the modern-day business becoming complex each day, organizations are quickly adapting to various cutting-edge developments that influence the behavior and structure of different business processes. Such processes are the representations of the work including the Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), which offer significant support to the business. As a...

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The Impact of Teamwork on Presentation

Tackling the notonthehighstreet project has to be one of the most challenging tasks that I have undertaken in a group; throughout the Semester. Notonthehighstreet is a venture that is famed for unique and thoughtful gifts ranging from; personalized gifts, Baby gifts, festival gifts, as well as couple gifts. The following...

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Advantages and Challenges of Mobile Technology in Retail Business

The pace at which technology is taking over in the business sector is remarkable. Most of the big companies, especially those in the wholesale industry, have adopted the use of mobile technology. The brick and mortar stores find it difficult to compete with the individuals who have invested a lot...

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The Importance of Customer Service in the Healthcare Sector

Health is declared to be an essential human right. The right to access healthcare services implies that the authorities have to formulate viable strategies that will ensure each citizen is as healthy as possible. In typical conditions, this right would be promoted through the provision of quality medical therapies and...

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The Design of the Website for Mobile Devices

At the individuals consistently goes after their phones (cell phones), the organizations should not only guarantee an ordeal that’s versatile and decent but also maximizes the benefits from the offers of the portable innovation such as cost reserve funds. Its conceivability is facilitated by mobile service through enhancement of the...

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The Importance of Internal and External Customers in a Business

Both internal and external customers are essential assets for a business. Firstly, external customers are a reason why the company exists, meaning that without them, the company will not have the revenue to run its activities. An organization designs its products with the aim of attracting, pleasing, and meeting the...

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Hotels Obligations to Customer's Health and Wellbeing

Hotels are accountable for the health and the wellbeing of their customers. The society perspective's on health is shifting, as more environmental and health-conscious is witnessed. Therefore, when booking hotels, most people expect to be offered extra services apart from essential amenities. These additional services are mostly health and wellbeing...

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Customer Experience Essay

Customer experience is a key and essential element of marketing. It is an integral part of any product that is marketed or promoted whose essence cannot be overemphasized. The experience is what determines the level of satisfaction that is to be felt by the customer who, consequently, determines subsequent demand...

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Sales and Marketing

The main objective of this report is to investigate and establish a sector in business that I can potentially be part of in the future by working in the sector in question. To achieve this, a particular business sector will be chosen its different aspects discussed. The aspects include the...

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George Tacy and The Cleaning Contract

Within the business environment, a number of situations may arise that require an institution to contract another party in say sales agreements, leases and in this case, a service contract where GC intends to hire George Tacy to provide cleaning services. Laws and acts can enforce such a contract as...

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The Implied Terms of the Sale of Goods Contract

A contract is a formal agreement between two parties who willingly reach a consensus to exchange goods for goods, or goods for money (Corones, 2016, p. 11). In the sale of goods transaction, the parties to the contract are the seller, who owns the goods as well as the buyer,...

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The Impact of PUOB Healthcare Application

As you are well aware, we revolutionized our healthcare services by adopting the use of the PUOB Healthcare application. This memo seeks to ask for your feedback on your experiences using the application, including both positive and negative experiences. This also includes the feedback from the patients, what are their...

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