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Research design Paper

This section focuses on the processes used to select the sample, collect and analyse the data. The research methodology section is the most important because it determines the validity of the study findings and the usefulness of the results. The chapter constitutes of the research design, approach, sampling method, data...

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Effects of advertisements on consumer behaviour

The dissertation researched has been presented and submitted as one of the units with my approval as the instructor (supervisor) Supervisor’s Name …………………… Signature …………………… Date …………………… School (…………….) Department (………..) Program (………….) Table of Contents Chapter one 1 Introduction 1 Effects of advertisements 2 Misrepresentation of a product in the ads 2 False image 2 Not disclosing the side effects 2 Background 3 Rationale 5 Statement of the...

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The Impact of Graphic Design on Advertising

The dissertation discusses graphic design and how the evolution of technology has affected advertising. The paper seeks to understand how technology has transcended human objectives to the degree of artificial intelligence, personal advertising, as well as the transformation of advertising and graphic design through the ages to their present state....

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The Role of Sex Appeal in Marketing Communication

The chosen contemporary marketing issue for the research is the role of sex appeal in marketing communication. The paper investigates the extent to which sex appeal affect receivers. Sex appeal in marketing communication has been on rise and it is synonymous with facilitation of brand remembrance and building of customers’...

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Branding and Advertising on Instagram and Snapchat

Prior to social media, in 1960s, many traditional methods of branding and advertising had dominated the market; however, today their effectiveness is declining (Erkan Solomon, 2017). In other words, the emergence of social media as widely utilized and highly interactive communication platforms is bound to change how firms...

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How Online Marketing Has Had A Negative Impact On Revenue Generation On Radio Stations

Description of dissertation topic. The more detail here the better! For the past ten years the use of the internet has increased by about 2000% globally and its use has enabled the planet to a global village where news travel instantaneously. Marketers have resulted to use the internet especially social media...

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The Impact of Advertising Through Social Media on Communication between Consumers and Companies

Advertising refers to non-personal information communication that is normally influential and paid for in nature regarding ideas, services, and products by recognized sponsors via several media. Whereas, social media is the gathering of public technologies that have facilitated an insurgency is a user-created content, publishing and universal community of customer...

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The Effect of Television Advertising on Children

Studies in sociology and psychology, as well as a survey of consumer preference, attitudes, or opinions, use samples to obtain information on the whole population where the samples used represent the population of interest accurately. The samples selected from a population are the research subjects and are known as the...

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The Pros and Cons of Antisocial and Prosocial Behaviors

Both pro-social and antisocial behaviors are voluntary actions, but the former is intended to benefit another person or group of people, while the latter seeks to harm or disadvantage another individual or group (Hyde, Shaw, " Moilanen, 2010). This discussion describes prosocial and antisocial behaviors depicted in two advertisements and...

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Use of Emotions in Adverts

Marketing is a way of appealing to and satisfying the customer needs through advertising so as to increase the sales. Psychological research shows that most people, without regard to demographics, tend to make impulse buying of goods depending on the kind of method used to advertize. Marketers capitalize on strategies...

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Gender Stereotypes in Advertising

In the modern platform of information technology, it has become a necessity and a ritual to advertise various issues, products, and even events so as to fully utilize the potential that the internet and the mass media offer. However, over the years there has been a growing concern over the...

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Native Advertising and Social Media Marketing: Moral Issues

Social media marketing and native advertising have over time developed as the major ways of businesses to relay information and reach larger target audiences. A person’s autonomy is the ability of an individual to make certain authentic decisions about one’s life, which may be largely influenced by the amount of...

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