Essays on Advertising Analysis

DVM custom homes

This is the direct link to DVM Custome Homes’ address. They are a real estate business that deals with the sale of homes. The website’s main goal, aside from increasing exposure, is to boost sales for the business. The website is specifically designed for marketing, and thanks to the many…

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Principles of advertisement

Part A: Customer Satisfaction and Product Guarantee Plan What is the ad’s normal promotional message? The advertisement is one brand commercial that sends both functional and emotional message. It assumes that the target market is familiar already with the brand and drink. Its most important purpose is to create brand…

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Chipotle’s Ingredients Reign Campaign

This advertising campaign by the American Mexican restaurant was released in October 2016. The main goal of the campaign was to shop the company from the controversies surrounding its business practices in the first half of 2016. Some customers of the restaurant chain sued its management after they go in…

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