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This is a well-researched essay that supports the value of transparency of nurses, whether or not they are leaders. Accountability is one of the roles that all nurses must play today, but there are many obstacles that prohibit this role from being played successfully (Yoder-Wise, 2014). I’m especially fascinated by…

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War in art

Art is the illustration of an artist’s artistic vision which is the direct product of the artist’s socio-psychological responsibility to others who are fascinated by his or her interest. Aside from the artist’s own conception of the aesthetic nature of his or her work, a socio-political aspect of culture often…

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Does sub-national governance obscure or improve democratic accountability?

Democratic transparency refers to the level of capacity of voters, political parties, and future partners to share their feedback and to include their sanctions and incentives for governance (Kitschelt, 2007). This article would examine whether political transparency can be strengthened by the efforts of the government-citizen partnership of decentralized governance….

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For the Love of Accounting

At a very gentle age, I discovered that accounting has been some of the most essential fields in any business organization. They are the people that are in charge of all the financial transactions in an organization, therefore influencing most of the key choices therein. Needless to say, I developed…

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Accounting Fraud

On a Wednesday, which was 19th of May, 2010, it was recorded that Clive Peeters who was an Australian retailer in kitchens, electrical, computers, and white goods sales, stopped trading after the company brought in Mc GrathNicol as voluntary administrators to try and sell off the business. Accounting fraud: Souya…

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