For the Love of Accounting

At a very gentle age, I discovered that accounting has been some of the most essential fields in any business organization. They are the people that are in charge of all the financial transactions in an organization, therefore influencing most of the key choices therein. Needless to say, I developed a deep love for the occupation and vowed to pursue a profession in accounting. Ever since, each step and motion I have taken, each in my personal and tutorial lifestyles has been aimed at achieving this goal.
This trip has taken me thru many hurdles and has seen me gain many minute successes that have defined me each as a individual and as a student. My love for accounting led me to fall in love with numbers. I have always been intrigued by the many ways in which numbers can be manipulated to create meaning, how so easily equations can be solved to culminate in new sets of numerals that did not exist in the equation, to begin with. It is no surprise, therefore, that I have majored in accounting at the Borough of Manhattan CC.

One of the units that I have undertaken so far is Accounting 222. In this unit, under the able and experienced tutelage of Professor Carroll, I have honed my accounting knowledge as well as my mathematical skills. I have learned how to play around with numbers and make sense of seemingly impossible mathematical problems. Among the things taught in the cause is a greater understanding of the changes in the monetary world. This way, I have learned how to anticipate market trends and project changes in the monetary markets in the future. The knowledge gained in this course in this area and many other areas has been instrumental in preparing for my future in the career and leading me on the right path professionally.

However, while it has been great studying Accounting 222 under Professor Carroll, there have been numerous challenges experienced in the course. Initially, it was difficult to understand the concepts of the course. It was a departure from the usual learning from other courses in accounting that I have undergone thus far. While most of the classes in the past have concerned themselves almost exclusively on accounting and the numerical tabulations involved in the course and profession, Accounting 222 has been much broader, touching a wider range of concepts and topics. I also found it difficult to follow the numerous areas taught in the course in the beginning. I was overwhelmed by the number of new things that I had to internalize and become an expert in. Professor Carroll, however, has been very patient and understanding with his students, takings time to correct us where we go wrong and offer insight into the areas where we find it difficult to understand.

Prior to taking Accounting 222, I had undertaken Accounting 122. This, I found, was an easier class to comprehend since the concepts therein did not make a considerable deviation from the primary principles and concepts of accounting. I found that I had anticipated to a great extend the learnings from that class as compared to Accounting 222. It was, I have come to realize, a preparatory class for the things that I would later learn in Accounting 222. It formed a key foundation and prepared for all the new theories, concepts and principles that the current class would introduce to me. For all this, I am grateful and convinced without a shred of doubt that my performance in the profession would not be short of important skills and knowledge.

Professor Carroll has been an integral part of my academic growth in the field of accounting. He has been instrumental in preparing for a field where success is on dependent entirely on calculations and knowledge of numbers per se. He has always intimated that to be successful in accounting; one has to possess detective skills. You have to look for the hidden message in the numbers and the hidden key behind the questions. Sadly, this is not an easy skill to develop, and it takes plenty of time, effort and dedication to develop. Initially, I lacked in the skill and paid heavily for it. In my first exam in Accounting 222, my performance was not the best as I approached it in the manner that I have been used to in the past. However, I have dedicated plenty of time studying and trying to understand what the course demands. This effort has led to great improvements in my performance and has lifted the heavy feeling in my heart which I carried after the dismal performance on the first examination.

Accounting is my major in Borough of Manhattan CC and I hold it very dearly in my heart. I intend to pursue a course in the same at Yale University once I graduate from Borough of Manhattan CC. after Yale, it is my hope that I will get to pursue a career in accounting and fulfill a childhood dream that has stayed with me throughout adulthood and inspired almost every decision that I have made in my life.

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