100 Top Proposal Essay Topics to Succeed in Writing

Looking for good proposal essay topics is one of the most frustrating experiences students ever face. It’s not just about writing as you can expect from other kinds of papers — it’s about being convincing, knowing how to do research, and presenting conclusions in a way that’ll sway your readers and persuade them. A proposal essay is a piece of writing where a person describes an issue, details its importance, and presents a solution to it, urging the audience to use it.

Another kind of proposals concerns pitches — in other words, you settle on a topic for a proposal essay that you want to research and explain what made you choose it. If it is approved, then you are expected to work on the project itself. Students mostly get assignments of the first kind, but in any case, choosing an interesting and productive topic could be a real chore. If you have no solid ideas and start feeling trapped, no worries! We made a list that you’ll definitely find helpful.

Valuable Tips for Finding Proposal Essay Ideas On Your Own

If you stubbornly want to think of a topic by yourself, we can only encourage such an approach. It’s easier than it seems, you just have to remember several pieces of advice that’ll push your inspiration forward. This is what we consider to have the biggest importance.

  • Choose an interesting subject. Whether you like business, science, or literature, the topic must hold personal appeal for you in particular. Consider things that interest you; think about problems that frustrate you and wish that someone finally solved them. Look around, search for news online, remember what’s been plaguing your community, and sooner or later, the idea will come.
  • Ensure that the subject is researchable. Keep in mind that you won’t have to simply write a paper: your task is about supporting your words with sources. For this, the subject would have to be known enough to generate a lot of research. Avoid selecting topics no one has ever heard of before — it is better to leave them for more innovative types of assignments.
  • Check topic relevance. For your work to have value in terms of this specific task, it has to seem relevant to readers. On the one hand, if you want to explore why your neighbors fight, you won’t impress your professor. But on the other, all proposal paper ideas could be presented in the right way if you know how to do it! Maybe your neighbors won’t inspire anyone, but if you focus on interpersonal conflicts between people and offer specific ways of resolving them, using the story about the neighbors as a sample, this will meet both your and your professor’s interests.
  • Think of a solution before you go forward.  Solution is a vital part of any proposal. You cannot present issues that cannot be solved, so think about it in advance. The proposal equally centers on the situation and ways of addressing it, and this must play an important role in your brainstorming process. Don’t let the excitement of picking an impressive subject blind you — realize how you’ll solve it at first.

A Pool of Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

There were millions of proposals written before you, and a million more will be written after you’re done with yours. Because of that, a student could find endless options of topics for their work, regardless of what category interests them and which theme appears to be most attractive. For giving you specific ideas, we created 100 cool samples. They’ll be useful for those who study in high school and college both — if you like any of them, feel free to grab it and start exploring.

Education Proposal Essays Ideas

Some students like being practical. Since they are still studying, they look for project proposal ideas in this very area.

  1. The Biggest Drawback of American Education System & How To Correct It
  2. Teachers Should Be Subjected to Closer Scrutiny Upon Being Employed
  3. Why Many Students Hate Math & Turning It Into More Interesting Subject
  4. How Much Freedom Should Students Have in Class?
  5. What Additional Exams Should Be Introduced Upon Graduation?
  6. What Tests Should Be Eliminated?
  7. Better Ways to Assess Classroom Performance
  8. Why Existing School Punishments Are Ineffective
  9. Who Should Primarily Benefit From Sex Education
  10. Methods For Preventing Censorship in Education

Topics About Health

With the recent scare COVID-19 has brought, healthcare topics for proposal essay have become extremely common.

  1. Stimulating Scholars’ Search for Cure from Cancer
  2. Persuading People to Strengthen Their Mind Rather Than Use Drugs
  3. Why Some Parents Should Be Medically Forbidden to Reproduce
  4. Chances of Lowering Options of COVID-19 Infection
  5. Achieving Equal Treatment For Humans from All Walks of Life
  6. Teaching Children About Value of  Health: Best Methods
  7. Why Hand Washing Is Vital & How to Get More People Aware of It
  8. How to Persuade Young Generations to Stop Smoking?
  9. Cloning Beloved Pets vs. More Acceptable Alternatives
  10. What Can Humanity Do About Incurable Diseases?

Environment Proposal Topics

We won’t live happily ever after unless we take care of our environment. Sadly, many ignore this fact, so proposal argument topics about it are especially relevant.

  1. How to Convince Humans That Hurting the Environment Hurts Them?
  2. Stopping Government From Seeing Meat Factories as an Acceptable Phenomenon
  3. What Could Cars and Buses Be Replaced With?
  4. Why Wildlife Documentaries Are Harmful and How to Improve Situation
  5. Less Known Ways of Protecting Our Nature
  6. Tactics for Getting Rid of Plastic as Only Few Talk About
  7. Encouraging Students to Have Closer Contacts with Nature
  8. Implementing Fines for Cluttering Environment on a Global Level
  9. Getting People to Understand the Danger of Turning Wild Animals Into Pets
  10. Swimming as an Obligatory Part of Everyone’s Upbringing

History Proposal Prompts

Who doesn’t like thinking about how the world looked like ages ago? There are a ton of topic proposal ideas connected with our history.

  1. Ways to Ensure that History Is Not Tainted By Lies
  2. How to Get More Future Students Interested in Studying History?
  3. Ascertaining That Generations Learn From Historical Mistakes
  4. History Should Not Be Censored No Matter What Is Involved In It
  5. How to Put an End to Fascism Once and For All?
  6. How to Stop Relevant People From Being Forgotten
  7. Finding Ways for Debunking Historical Myths
  8. Helping More Individuals Access Old Archives
  9. Separating Legends from Real Events: How to Make It Possible?
  10. Ending Modern Slavery in All Countries

Politics Proposal Essays Ideas

With American elections approaching, proposal argument essay topics related to politics are growing in popularity. Here are 10 possible options.

  1. New Policy That US Government Should Introduce
  2. Making Elections Fair & Transparent in the US
  3. Information About Politics’ Illegal Past Should Be Openly Disclosed
  4. Finding Balance Taking Multiple Classes
  5. Espionage Should Be Made Illegal In Every Country
  6. How to Determine Who Should & Should Not Have Voting Rights?
  7. Helping People Unite to Improve the Life of War Veterans
  8. Avoiding Financial Disasters Caused by COVID-19 on Global & Local Levels
  9. Who Should Be Chosen as a Valid Candidate?
  10. First Thing New President Should Focus On in His Policies

Proposal Prompts On Technology and Social Media

Some proposal essay topic ideas stay relevant no matter how many years pass. The following are some of them.

  1. Enhancing Technical Development for Getting Better Work Outcomes
  2. How to Turn Social Networks Into a Safe Place?
  3. Encouraging App Developers on a Government Level
  4. Transforming Facebook Support Service More Effective
  5. How to Prevent Technology From Damaging Students’ Health
  6. Creating Teams That Would Stop Cyberbullying
  7. Methods for Protecting Data Published Online
  8. Adding  Extra Safety Measures For Protecting People Involved in Online Dating
  9. Finding a Balance Between Using and Overusing Technology
  10. New Internet Safety Rules Everyone Should Know


Lots of sports matches everyone was waiting for have been cancelled now, but this only made people’s interest in this topic more heated. Check ten proposal essay examples below.

  1. How to Satisfy Interests Sport Fans Have Under Quarantine Conditions
  2. Stopping Players From Feeling Depressed After Losing a Match
  3. Hunting Animals Is Not Sport: Replacing Barbaric Practices
  4. New Criteria for Classifying Kinds of Sport as Extreme
  5. Dismantling American Obsession with Sport Culture
  6. Increasing Number of Same-Sex Schools & Reasons For It
  7. How to Ensure That Active Sportsmen Do Not Take Drugs?
  8. Determining Ideal Salaries for College and Professional Sportsmen
  9. Choosing Ideal Age for Letting Sportsmen Retire
  10. Better Methods for Stopping Violence Among Sports Fans

Proposal Topics on Culture

Communication could be easy if all people understood and accepted the culture of one another. This issue deserves detailed analysis, so you might find some of these topics for proposal essays interesting.

  1. Making Speech Effective No Matter What Audience Is Present
  2. Easier Ways of Understanding Foreign Cultures
  3. Eradicating Cultures Based on Violence
  4. Lessons in Different Cultures Should Be Offered at All Schools
  5. How to Make Sense of Gender Neutral Pronouns?
  6. Changing Culture of Giving Birth to Children While Being Financially Unable to Care For Them
  7. Making International Friendships Flourish
  8. How to Alter Damaging Cultures
  9. Promoting Tolerance on  All Levels
  10. How to Diminish Instances of Child Entitlement

Business Proposal Ideas

Times have changed, and these days, lots of children dream about starting their own business. But considering how many problems are connected with it, there are numerous good proposal essay topics about it.

  1. Why Formal Approach Is Not Effective During Negotiations & Better Alternative
  2. Succeeding When Forming International Connections
  3. Tailoring Practices of Putting Clients Above Employees
  4. Why Customers Should Follow Certain Rules as They Buy Stuff
  5. Ways of Saving a Business From Going Bankrupt
  6. How Problem with Unemployment Should Be Resolved
  7. Making Certain That Harassment by Employers Is Punished
  8. Why Women Should Always Be Present During Business Negotiations
  9. New Methods for Alleviating a Brewing Conflict between Business Parties
  10. Privacy Rights That Every Employee Should Have at Work

Social Issues

Injustice and sadness overfill our society, which is why there are plenty of proposal argument ideas focusing on the topic of social issues. Take a look at samples below.

  1. How to Stop Homophobic Attitudes among Children?
  2. Tactics For Spreading Awareness About Asexuality & Aromanticism
  3. Destroying the Idea That Fiction Damages Morals
  4. Fighting Off Peer Pressure Is a Solvable Problem
  5. Making Counselling a Must For Every Child Regardless of Who Their Family Is
  6. How to Persuade Your Citizens That Immigration Is Not That Dangerous?
  7. Betters Tactics for Addressing the Issues of Bullying among Children and Teens
  8. Helping Teachers Control Students Without Suffering a Breakdown
  9. Newer Ways of Solving the Tragedy of Homelessness
  10. Giving Voice to Violence Committed Against Men

Enjoy You Writing and Get Great Grades

This proposal topics list is far from being exhaustive — there are many more possible options you could find inspiring. Don’t stop on a subject that looks better than others: you should find the one that makes your heart beat faster. From all topics in the world, at least one should truly interest you. But of course, there are moments when students just don’t want to write. Proposals are tricky, and if you’re having trouble, it might be better to seek help with an assignment and focus on something else.

We have a diverse team capable of coming up with the most amazing topics proposal could have. They research, describe, and solve any issue, giving you a chance to earn a high grade without applying many efforts. If you struggle with your task in any way, contact us and tell us what you want us to do. We guarantee that all your demands will be met.

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