Human service Introduction

Homelessness and its Impact on Young Families

Homelessness is an issue that adversely affects the well-being of certain individuals, especially young families, in society. Homeless young families suffer from issues such as malnutrition, mental and psychological disability, according to various studies conducted by academics (Martin 228).

Tobin and Joseph (4) also claim that, because of a shortage of funding, homeless young families leave schooling. However, by providing victims income assistance, home care professionals in society need to engage and address the problems that young homeless families face. The home service professionals need to initiate programs for funding the homeless young families to help the latter afford necessary commodities such as food and medicine, among others Martin (230).

Supporting Homeless Young Families

Home service professionals can also alleviate the challenges that the homeless young families undergo by offering job training and child care to the latter (ICPH 7). The training of the homeless young families will significantly elevate their abilities to secure employments and acquire shelters thus exit the streets. According to Martin (234), the provision of child care services will be necessary for the homeless young families by ensuring that the children are safe from the adverse environmental conditions such as extreme cold during the nights.

Effective Strategies to Combat Homelessness

Finally, home service professionals can eradicate the rampant cases of homelessness among the young families by engaging in effective case management strategies. Specifically, home service professionals need to sensitize the society on how to avoid the conditions that can lead to homelessness (Tobin & Joseph 9). It is also important to link the poor to the organizations that can help in catering for financial needs such as rent and school fee payments. Also, the home service professionals need to undertake family reunification activities to help reduce the number of homeless young families.

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