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My scholarly innovative idea is to investigate how interaction design can enhance communication processes for people who use them. How is contact influenced by a bad or a positive design? The players in the study controversy are app owners, device engineers and organizations (Zaphiris, 2009). The core theoretical analysis question that the paper is trying to address is how the user interface designs can be developed to build and promote the functionality of the product? What are some of the programming approaches that can be used to enhance communications between the user and the computer? My goal in this research is to investigate and establish various ways and methods of modeling a computer interface to improve user interaction with computers and accommodate different users without leaving other groups behind such as novice users, sporadic users and the expert users of a system. Computer systems are becoming sophisticated every day, therefore, designing for users is important to make sure that communication is well presented and users can promptly accept the systems being implemented (Reich, 2013). The thesis statement for my research is interaction design is the most important aspect of communications system development.

Statement of Interest

The main reason why I am interested in this research is to investigate whether there is a relationship between the core combinatory courses that I am taking in school. Writing about this topic will serve as an essential background for getting information as to whether choosing the course will be beneficial to me and whether I can apply it in future during my professional work in the field. The research is a foundation to gain more knowledge about how computer system users interact with these systems, what can be done to improve the usability of systems, the functionality of systems while taking into consideration that human is to err (Dix, 2011). This research is important to me because it is going to help me understand why users sometimes reject computer systems even though some of them are very powerful and can solve their problems very easily as compared to some systems they prefer to use.


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Zaphiris, P. (2009). Human computer interaction: concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications. Hershey: Information Science Reference.

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