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Despite its seeming straightforwardness, much can be said in a food essay. In our world with a population of nearly almost 8 billion people, we often hear about how diverse and unique we are. However, there is a number of important things that unite us, and one of them is food. We all need it, depend on it for survival, as well as receive joy from it. Hundreds of TV shows, movies, and podcasts revolve around food, and cookbooks are always among the bestsellers. People write food essays, blog posts, post food on social media. Being a huge part of our traditions and cultures, food is a part of who we are. As you write essays on food, take a look at our food essay samples for ideas and inspiration. Reading samples of other people’s essays might help add flavor to your own work, making your essay even more memorable.

start-up report

This study lists the obstacles that start-up companies face in the corporate world, the unique business form, the marketing mix (4 Ps) and different means of funding a business. The case of Smarts starting a café has been addressed in-depth and it is proposed that they start a sole-owned company….

Words: 1804

Pages: 7


The active business partners in the food catering industry are Hank Marvin and Patty Smith. Their unity, dedication, and goal-oriented capacity have made the most foreign clients prefer quality coffee. The two partners have instigated special products aimed at meeting their customers’ requirements and attracting at the same time competitive…

Words: 2424

Pages: 9

patty smith and hank marvin coffee shop

Hank Marvin and Patty Smith are the two popular food catering company partners. Their unity, dedication and target-oriented capabilities have allowed them to make quality coffee that is preferred by most foreign customers. In pursuit of a central location for expanding their market in Europe, the two partners have instilled…

Words: 2477

Pages: 10

The International Coffee Market

Coffee is today one of the world’s highest earners. There have been several shifts in the market over the years, coffee prices have risen and, after some time, because of many factors, have decreased significantly. Most economists argue that environmental conditions lead to this because bad conditions have an adverse…

Words: 2004

Pages: 8

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are a category of disorders characterized by unhealthy food relationships. Eating disorders are often viewed as a lifestyle choice. Eating disorders/unhealthy eating habits are a severe and often fatal condition that interferes with a person’s eating habits. Food obsessions, body weight, and shape are all characteristics of eating…

Words: 906

Pages: 4

“Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops.”

“Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops” is the title of the workshop. The workshop’s main subject is “Dietary and Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.” During the workshop, a community representative who works for the Public Health Department acted as the moderator. The seminar aimed to educate community members about…

Words: 182

Pages: 1

Chevrolet Saturdays Candy Dawson Royd

There are seven fundamental dimensions of wellness. The seven-dimensional composition depicts total health in life. Each size contributes to our overall well-being and quality of life. However, some of the measures overlap to produce a holistic sense of well-being in an individual’s life. Physical, intellectual, social, moral, environmental, occupational, and…

Words: 1101

Pages: 5

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements, also known as nutritional supplements, are minerals, vitamins, medicinal or botanical ingredients, amino acids, probiotics, antioxidants, and fiber that are eaten to augment a person’s diet by supplying extra foods that are not consumed in adequate quantities to enhance optimal health (Valavanidis 69). Aside from the typical substances…

Words: 3647

Pages: 14

a strict product

Evidently, a substance is dangerous if it seems to be lethal above the client’s wishes (Miller and Gaylord 279). Susan Calles is the customer in this case since she is the intended consumer and beneficiary of the commodity (Calles v. Scripto Tokai Corporation). As a result, a corporation is not…

Words: 616

Pages: 3

Nutrition and Health – The Association between Eating Behavior and Various Health Parameters: A Matched Sample Study

Nutrition and Health – The Relation between Eating Activity and Different Health Parameters: A Matched Sample Analysis was first published in 2014 by the Public Library of Science. The importance of diet in preserving health is emphasized in the report. It mentions, for example, that vegetarians have very few cases…

Words: 241

Pages: 1

Fast Food Restaurants’ Consequences and Potential Solutions

Since the mid-1980s, the prevalence of obesity has rapidly increased in the United States. In the same time period, the number of fast food restaurants has tripled. The widespread availability of fast food restaurants in America is clearly a contributing factor to the rise in obesity rates. The obesity rates…

Words: 1014

Pages: 4

The corporations that supply us with fast foods

Americans enjoy burgers in addition to fast cars, extreme sports, and mosh-pit concerts. Americans are proud of their cuisine. However, a grim, sad, and hidden mystery lurks behind the closed doors of the corporations that supply us with processed foods (Kenner, R. 2008). Companies that monopolize and regulate food production…

Words: 1556

Pages: 6


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