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Despite its seeming straightforwardness, much can be said in a food essay. In our world with a population of nearly almost 8 billion people, we often hear about how diverse and unique we are. However, there is a number of important things that unite us, and one of them is food. We all need it, depend on it for survival, as well as receive joy from it. Hundreds of TV shows, movies, and podcasts revolve around food, and cookbooks are always among the bestsellers. People write food essays, blog posts, post food on social media. Being a huge part of our traditions and cultures, food is a part of who we are. As you write essays on food, take a look at our food essay samples for ideas and inspiration. Reading samples of other people’s essays might help add flavor to your own work, making your essay even more memorable.

Genetic engineering techniques in agriculture

The development of genetic engineering techniques led to the increase of a heated controversy within the fields of agriculture and bioscience . Genetically modified plants, organisms, and animals have risen in popularity with an almost equal measure of proponents and opposers. The proponents of GMOs argue that the first objective…

Words: 1115

Pages: 5

American Food Production

American’s Food Production Vs. That of the Gebusi: Ways during which American Industrialized Agriculture Compares With the Horticulture within the Gebusi Food production in America is totally corporatized, where limited regulations are involved operational resulting to absolute impunity. The production demand in America has led to disastrously reduced quality standards,…

Words: 964

Pages: 4

Identifying and solving problems

The detection and resolution of issues is another way to describe a corporate concept. There are obvious issues that people face through their hobbies, careers and everyday activities. For example, because of its heat on his lap, Jay Sorensen fell a cap of coffee. He subsequently invented a cap sleeve…

Words: 138

Pages: 1

inorganic industries vs organic industries

The discussion on organic food versus inorganic food has rented air and the media for a very long time. At present, there are substantive variations between the two. However, this debate does not appear to be coming to an end yet, as there are several pending questions in the matter….

Words: 1700

Pages: 7

Is the economy influenced by factory farms good

Foods that people consume play a major part in determining the quality of their lives. In reality, people are known because of the food culture they follow. Food has multiple meanings of human life. Essentially, the fundamental truth about food is that lack of food can lead to starvation and…

Words: 1552

Pages: 6

Genetically Modified Foods Nowadays

Genetically modified organisms refer to plants produced for human or animal consumption with the use of the latest technologies. The vegetation get altered in the laboratory to improve resistance to herbicides as nicely as improving the dietary content. With the improved technology, human beings are now able to produce the…

Words: 662

Pages: 3

Jameson Distillery,Old Bushmills Distillery, and Guinness

Alcohol is an integral part of Ireland’s life, society, politics and economy. The country ranks 6th in pure alcohol consumption, according to a European Union study; 11,91 per capita, compared to the 10,7 average in the area (Mercille, 2015). The Irish alcohol beverage industry’s economic contribution is also important. In…

Words: 3506

Pages: 13

Coffe Transportation

Coffee cherries submission delays in series factors and no longer transported timely Figure 1: Assortment factors and how espresso is transported Assortment factor 4 Assortment factor 3 Assortment factor 2 Assortment factor 5 Coffee Processing Factory Memo As a supervisor in a espresso plantation, I have referred to a hassle…

Words: 847

Pages: 4

Health Food Movement

The term “locavore” was coined by Jessica Prentice who was one of the founders of the Local Foods Wheel. This initiative was created to challenge the residents of Bay Area to only consume foodstuffs that had either been grown or harvested within a one hundred-mile radius of San Francisco. The…

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Pages: 4

Making yogurt with milk at home

Intake of yoghurt can be traced to far back around 6000BCE, historians relates its invention and consumption to the Neolithic population of Asia (Milk for humans 2012). It is an illustration of how food was produced and preserved in the early days which resulted in the betterment of its quality…

Words: 536

Pages: 2

Comparing Organic Foods and GMOs

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) are plants, animals, and microorganisms that have undergone genetic make-up modification, using recombinant dna schemes, transgenic modifications, and gene improvement. this is often a comparatively new agricultural science that makes unstable plants, microorganisms or animals, which is neither natural nor made through traditional crossbreeding. Organic food,…

Words: 1382

Pages: 6

Peer Review of Donate to a Food Bank

The introduction of your speech captured my attention undeniably. In particular, I liked your precise overview of how costly and difficult life is in New York City by taking into account all aspects of life, including expensive transportation, rent, and, more importantly, very vivid and unforgettable food. Moreover, both the…

Words: 575

Pages: 3


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