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We dare you to find creative ways to define and explain the law in your law essay. People constantly interact with each other, but their interests do not always coincide, and sometimes are completely opposite. This is where legal regulation comes in handy – it provides a set of rules for people to follow. Many samples of essays on law define law as a system of binding rules for regulating social relations and behavior in society. Law was created for observing social agreements and maintaining peace and security. Law essays often explore various applications of the law. Sources of law are various legal documents such as constitution, statutes, treaties, regulations, etc. which consist of norms – in essays one must go into further detail about it. Norms contain rules and establish consequences in case rules are violated. We hope you find our law essay samples below helpful for your essay writing.

Neighboorhood Child Poverty and development of Juveniles

The main author of this piece is Velma Murry McBride. She was a researcher with an outstanding and prominent career with instrumental and auxilliary contributions to the human development understanding, especially for places with African Americans and Latinos. The other issues that she handled include family, racism, and the implication…

Words: 1170

Pages: 5

12 Angry Men Movie Review

In this film review, we’ll talk about the arguments in 12 Angry Men, how the characters are developed, and the quality of the filming. What are our favorite aspects of the movie? We’ll also discuss the film’s quality and filming around a table, which is a unique feature of the…

Words: 721

Pages: 3


John McWhorter’s article “You Can’t ‘Steal’ a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation” was published in the Daily Beast. John discusses the topic of cultural interaction in the post, as well as the common perception that certain groups of people are imitating others. The author of the article explains what…

Words: 1275

Pages: 5

the trans-pacific partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade relationship among twelve member countries. Vietnam, Singapore, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Chile, Canada, Brunei, Australia, and the United States are among the twelve nations until January 23rd, 2017. The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement’s final proposal was signed on February 4, 2016 in…

Words: 1438

Pages: 6

Teju Cole’s “The White Savior Industrial Complex”

Teju Cole is correct in his argument that the universe today exists to satisfy the nostalgic needs of citizens of the white race. He argues that the White Savior Business Complex is not concerned with justice. It is about getting a powerful emotional experience that validates one’s role (Cole). From…

Words: 651

Pages: 3


The act of stealing items to be purchased and sold from a store or place of business is known as shoplifting. It is a form of theft in which someone takes someone else’s property without their permission and intends to own it. Many states make shoplifting illegal, and states can…

Words: 2347

Pages: 9

Definition of the word justice

Justice is described as fairness in terms of the defense of people’s rights as well as the penalty of some kind of wrongdoing. All legal frameworks seek to maintain this principle by proper and equal administration of the laws of the land. The underlying principle of justice varies from one…

Words: 590

Pages: 3

navy contract cost

The completion of a contract proposal would necessitate excellent documentation that creates self-evident coordination that is satisfactory to the contract, cost assessment taking industry differences into account, and thorough determination of the necessary criteria to remove all contract liabilities. Prior to contract execution, it is therefore important to perform a…

Words: 1561

Pages: 6

Reforms in US Private Prisons

There are two kinds of jails in the United States: federal and private. The criminal enforcement unit is an important aspect of the justice system and it is in charge of apprehending and convicting lawbreakers. According to Bureau of Justice statistics, private prisons held approximately 7% of non-profit company prisoners…

Words: 1490

Pages: 6

American Juvenile Justice System

America’s criminal justice system is broken; it has prioritized detention and criminalization over-recovery for juvenile criminals. Reforms of how the court treats minors who have defied the law are urgently needed. In recent years, the new paradigm has ignored the critical and essential considerations of sophistication and age. Adolescents and…

Words: 2618

Pages: 10

The risks of lowering the minimum drinking age

The new legal age for drinking is supposed to mitigate the dangers associated with alcoholism in young adults. According to Carpenter, Christopher, and Carlos Dobkin (2011 pg. 1), the damage caused by consuming alcohol among young adults in the US exceeds 50 billion per year. For certain citizens, lowering the…

Words: 593

Pages: 3

The Role of Deviance and Social Control in the Explanation of Juvenile crime

Students are socialized to strict dres’ codes, grammar, and attitudes in classrooms. Children in families are supposed to follow their parents’ rules on what they can do, say, and feel. We are required to obey a set of rules and procedures at work. These are only a few examples suggesting…

Words: 1310

Pages: 5

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