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We dare you to find creative ways to define and explain the law in your law essay. People constantly interact with each other, but their interests do not always coincide, and sometimes are completely opposite. This is where legal regulation comes in handy – it provides a set of rules for people to follow. Many samples of essays on law define law as a system of binding rules for regulating social relations and behavior in society. Law was created for observing social agreements and maintaining peace and security. Law essays often explore various applications of the law. Sources of law are various legal documents such as constitution, statutes, treaties, regulations, etc. which consist of norms – in essays one must go into further detail about it. Norms contain rules and establish consequences in case rules are violated. We hope you find our law essay samples below helpful for your essay writing.

The Changing Face of Youth CrimeReluctant Gangsters

Youths are a significant demographic group of any community especially when they are not involved in societal vices such as crime. They have the muscles that enhance productivity thereby supporting the economy by offering the required work. However, they can effectively disrupt social order by engaging in law-breaking activities. The...

Words: 2895

Pages: 11

Crime and Social Controle

Impact of the Criminal Justice System on Economically Marginalized Youth Young men from economically marginalized neighborhoods cannot think of conviction of a crime without the thought of jail. Crossing paths with the criminal justice system can alter one’s life by limiting opportunities that come with having no criminal record. One such...

Words: 480

Pages: 2

The concept bound to justice

Wolterstorff considers the concept bound to justice after reflecting on two life-related events. The 1976 apartheid concerns prevalent in South Africa associates to one of the theories noted. He observed how the Afrikaners failed to extend justice to both the ‘colored’ people and the ‘blacks.’ Another event concerns the 1978...

Words: 313

Pages: 2

The Roles of Probation Officers

The following section of the research paper helps to put the topic of the research, “The legally prescribed tasks mandated of probation officers and their actual roles”, into its historical context, enabling the readers to understand the pertinent issues, trends, functions and roles of probation officers in implementing corrective processes...

Words: 4276

Pages: 16

A Review of Singapore's CCTV Deployment

I hereby take this opportunity to first and foremost thank the almighty God for enabling me to get this far by giving me the gift of life, knowledge, patience, strength, above all, the wisdom that helped me carry out my research diligently and insightfully. I would also like to express my...

Words: 4524

Pages: 17

The Role of Probation Officers

Due to my deep interest in becoming a probation officer I have chosen to examine probation officer's roles which have been stated by the government, and the roles that are actually used to socialise the offender. I am very interested in getting to know the role and the process of...

Words: 5305

Pages: 20

The Effects of Shrinkflation

Shrinkflation is generally defined as the act of reducing the size, volume or weight of a commodity while keeping its price at the same level. The term is a combination of two terminologies which are shrink and inflation respectively, which implies that reducing the size of an item automatically translates...

Words: 4965

Pages: 19

The Case: Tennessee v. Garner

The Supreme Court in the US struck down a Tennessee State law that had permitted the usage of deadly force on alleged fleeing felony culprits. The decision found out that apprehending such a fleeing suspect through the use of deadly force amounts to seizure subject to justification requirement under the...

Words: 1897

Pages: 7

Same-Sex Marriage in the United States

According to sociologists, marriage is the union of two individuals who love each other. Today we have two main forms of marriages; same-sex marriage and heterosexual form of marriage.  Heterosexual marriage involves the union of two individuals who have different gender characteristics, while same-sex marriage involves the union of two...

Words: 1902

Pages: 7

Society Construct on the Issue of Gay Marriages

Society s Construct on Marriages and Attitudes towards Same-Sex Marriages Society construct on the issue of marriages is strict and enshrined in religious, political and demographic foundations. According to Christianity, marriage is divine and is only between a man and a woman as God created Eve to be a helper to...

Words: 2108

Pages: 8

An Overview of Confidentiality in Psychology

Confidentiality refers to the protection of personal information. By implication, the client’s information must remain between the therapist and the client, and should not be shared with client’s close persons including friends, families, and co-workers. However, there are exceptions when the general rules of confidentiality can be dropped. These include...

Words: 284

Pages: 2

Insanity Defense

If a criminal successfully uses the insanity defense, they are more likely to receive a less severe punishment or be proven innocent for the crime committed.MethodologyThe research will adopt a qualitative study methodology, which is primarily exploratory research that will facilitate an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations on...

Words: 657

Pages: 3

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