Grief: Case of bereavement

Grief is a state of intense grief brought on by unfortunate events like death. It has also been linked to the emotion that people experience after enduring tremendous hardship, such as the loss of their cherished possessions due to disasters and other natural or man-made catastrophes. All people experience grief…

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Forensic Anthropology research paper

It was a really depressing incident that occurred in late September in Central Texas when a utility worker was inspecting the power lines in a distant wooded region when the worker saw a dead body that appeared like a protrusion of a human arm from a disturbed soil. More tragically,…

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The Debate for and against Death Penalty among Christians

There aren’t many problems in the criminal justice system that have generated debates as acrimonious and as persistent as the one surrounding the death sentence. The sacredness of human life and the desire for justice have been mentioned frequently in Christian discourse of both sides of the controversy. This argument…

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fear of death essay

Death is an inevitable natural occurrence that separates the body from the soul (Druart, 2000). Humans are unable to ignore it or take any action to entirely eradicate it from society. Humans have only succeeded in delaying death by implementing procedures like the treatment of diseases and the dissemination of…

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Bioethical Issues- Terri Schiavo Case

Before she passed away in 2005, Terri endured a 15-year struggle with the irreversible persistent vegetative state. Her passing caused a moral, medical, and social crisis that made most Americans aware of the problems associated with end-of-life situations and choices. When it was suggested to remove her feeding tube, there…

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A Biological Attack

The development of science and technology has forced terrorist organizations to develop more cutting-edge methods of assault against their target nations. Biological attacks are defined as the deliberate release of infections, poisons, viruses, or harmful microorganisms against plants, animals, or people as a weapon. One of the Weapons of Mass…

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Nosocomial bloodstream infections

The primary cause of illness and mortality, nosocomial bloodstream infections are the subject of the investigation. According to death certificates, these infections are the tenth most common cause of death in the US. Additionally, the study found that age-adjusted mortality had increased by 78%. According to studies, 36% of recipients…

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Cancer in 21st Century

In the US, bladder cancer accounts for around 7% of all cancer cases and accounts for about 3% of all fatalities (Kumar and Robbins 662). Urothelial carcinomas account for around 90% of bladder malignancies, which are the most common type. With a 3:1 male to female ratio, men are more…

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Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)

In the US, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the primary cause of early death. As a result, these cardiac problems are extremely expensive for Americans. Ironically, the majority of the risk factors for diseases like heart disease and stroke are mostly avoidable. These are only a few of the factors that…

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The Tay-Sachs Disease

The term “Tay-Sachs disease” refers to a hereditary condition caused by the death of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. In specifically, a gene mutation in the HEXA genes, which are located on chromosome 15, causes Tay-Sach illness (Hussein, Weng, Kai, Kleijnen & Qureshi, 2015). An autosomal recessive…

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A case of Timothy Quill – Physician Aided Suicide (PAS)

Because of the controversy surrounding providing assistance to a patient in ending their life as a result of their traumatic experiences with a terminal illness, physician assisted suicide (PAS) or physician assisted death (PAD) is one of the key ethical concerns in the modern clinical world. One ideal instance of…

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The One Who Caused Rainclouds

The author alludes to the fact that the death arrangements made in The Man Who Would Send Rain Clouds were ridiculous because the atmosphere was not morbid as one would imagine when anyone died. According to the events of the novel, this is a variant of the procedures that take…

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