Essays on Heart Attack

The American Heart Association

The Causes and Impact of Heart Attacks in the American Society The American Heart Association defines cardiac arrest as a sudden and severe disturbance of the heart's main job, which is to circulate blood throughout the body. As a result of the fact that it frequently affects patients with heart-related conditions...

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Chronic heart failure

Chronic Heart Failure and its Impact Chronic heart failure remains a global challenge, affecting the social and economic lives of patients, families, and the healthcare system. The disease happens regularly, requiring patients to visit a healthcare center for surveillance and hospitalization on a regular basis, lowering their quality of life. The...

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Heart failure The Texas Nursing Practice Act

Heart failure (HF) is characterized as an acute, progressive ailment that has been identified as one of the top concerns of patients and health-care systems in the United States (U.S.) (Travis et al., 2012). It has been discovered that over 670,000 instances of HF occur each year, with over 5.7...

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How to Cope With a Heart Attack

A Heart Attack and Its Causes A heart attack occurs when a part of your heart muscle is damaged or dies because the blood supply to that area has been blocked. This blockage can be caused by a buildup of plaque (fatty material) on the walls of your coronary arteries or...

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