Hold me tight Documentary

Feliciano Centurion was a Paraguayan painter born in San Ignacio Misiones, Paraguay, in March 1962. He studied decorative arts at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1987, he has exhibited in a variety of Buenos Aires and Asuncion neighborhoods. He was known for…

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Healthcare and Medicine

After graduating from Hoover High School in 1970, Dr. David Acer began his career (Hiaasen, 2016). This year, he attended Ohio State University’s dental school. He was a good lab rat who put in a lot of work, had few friends, and didn’t party much on campus. In the 1970s,…

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Religious cults

It has been found that youth gangs are more likely to report substance abuse than their peers who are not thugs (Cholas, 2014). Many researchers have attempted to demonstrate the connection between religious cults, substance addiction, sexual deviance, and violence in their study (Clatts, 2016). Since the issues that come…

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Dallas Buyers Club – The Main Theme

The main theme of Dallas Buyers Club is the story of Ron Woodroof, a homophobic redneck who becomes an activist for AIDS treatment. As a part of this mission, he smuggles experimental drugs into the United States and distributes them to AIDS patients, creating a chain of clubs across the…

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