The Role of Technology in the Life of the Deaf

Imagine not being able to hear when someone calls, when a doorbell rings, or when an alarm clock rings to alert people to wake up. These are just simple things to hearing individuals but a great challenge to the deaf and the hearing impaired in their everyday life. Over the...

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Chuck Baird: An Inspiration to the Deaf Community

Chuck Baird is a renowned artist who in his tenure (1947-2012) contributed significantly to the deaf community, including the establishment of De’VIA, which is a painting that shows the life of a deaf individual within the hearing universe. He was born with the disability of deafness in 1947 in the...

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Deafness and Deaf Culture

Deafness and Deaf Culture Deafness is a condition where people cannot hear, or have hearing that is limited. It can occur as a result of disease, injury or birth defects. It can also occur as a result of hearing loss that happens gradually over time.Those who identify with the Deaf community,...

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