Essays on Learning Disability

The Impact of The READ 180 Reading Program on Seventh-Grade Students with Learning Disabilities

Reading 180 program is America s program in reading and intervention. It is a program that was designed in helping struggling learners that are reading more than two years below the grade level. This mode of learning combines traditional instructions in classrooms with digital media. The 180 reading program is...

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Reading Disorders and Disabilities

According to Lyon (2015), a leading impairment is characterized by a disorder in one or more fundamental psychological processes relating to the comprehension or use of language, whether written or spoken, which may manifest itself as erroneous reading, speaking, listening, spelling, or writing skills. The phrase "reading disability" refers to...

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Case study of Informal Reading Inventory

John, a student in the fifth grade, is the focus of this case study. John attends kindergarten in North Carolina. Although John speaks English naturally, he was nominated for this case study because his mother and Mrs. Mark both identified him as a difficult pupil. John's mother told Mrs. Mark...

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Students with Disabilities Reading Skills

The teacher's control over the classroom and its impact on students with EBD The teacher's control over the classroom has a significant impact on how well pupils with emotional and behavioral disorders learn. (EBD). In order to have a good impact on the outcomes of the students' reading tasks and initiatives,...

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Special Ed

Today's lesson: Wildlife Habitats Today's lesson will teach the kids about a topic that is crucial to living. They will gain knowledge of wildlife habitats. They will discover the traits of various habitats. The kids will also discover how various creatures are adapted to various environments. Applicable Common Core Learning Standard: With teacher...

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Thoroughly Explain a Standards-Based IEP

IEP stands for individualized education plans, and SIEP stands for standards-based IEP, which refers to programs that take into account the unique needs of students who are learning-disabled and incorporate supportive guidelines into the State substance of their academics. Challenged students' age-appropriate writing and cognitive skills are improved by SIEP....

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Samson - an Informal Reading Inventory

8-year-old Samson resides with his parents in the tiny New England town of Rockport. He has three sisters and one sibling. He is a fourth-grader at Holy Heart School. The young man has a great sense of humor and is loved by people of all ages. Samson is an avid...

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Learning Disabilities Essay Sample

Learning disabilities Learning disabilities are a class of disorders that affect the brain's ability to learn and process information. They may be caused by a variety of factors, including Central Nervous System Dysfunction (CNS), genetics, and culture. In some cases, learning disabilities can co-exist with other handicapping conditions, such as intellectual...

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Learning Disabilities For Children

Learning disabilities can affect children in a variety of ways. They can be related to attentional disorders, behavioural problems, emotional problems, sensory impairments, and medical conditions. This makes it crucial to identify individuals with learning disabilities early and to provide them with specialized assessments and interventions. In addition, learning disabilities may...

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