Essays on Hypertension

Young adults' perspectives on managing hypertension

Introduction The study's goal was to investigate the consequences of hypertension on young adults aged 18 to 29 in the United States. The article precisely exposes the reader to the topic of investigation, the target population, and the sample used in the study. Additionally, the authors make it clear to...

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Blood pressure control goals

One of the biggest global health issues is high blood pressure or associated consequences, such as hypertension, caused by increased pressure within the heart. The ability to control blood pressure by following prescribed procedures is a crucial factor of the success of heart-related treatment in the elderly. Adherence failure is...

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53- year old Stroke Patient, Andrew Marr- a case report

A presenter named Andrew Marr, 53, suffered a severe stroke two years ago after rupturing his carotid artery during a strenuous rowing workout. Prior to the stroke, he continued to exercise regularly and had no history of high blood pressure. After the stroke, he needed months to recuperate, and two...

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About Hypertension

The connection between hypertension and vision loss is covered in the article Reversible Loss of Vision in Malignant Hypertension by Shukla and Virani. The 35-year-old individual in the article who was assessed by the authors had diminished vision in both of his eyes. With no other relevant medical history, the...

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Vision and business Values

The goal of developing Ultrastatin was to assure that persons with hypertension and obesity would have a lower death rate and enjoy comfortable lives. To save lives and improve patients' ability to manage their hypertension, ultrastatin will offer a fast way to remove fat from the blood arteries that feed...

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Persistent hyperglycemia on the neurons of Aaron’s left foot

Pressure ulcers, pressure sours, deep cuts, and pressure wounds were also caused by hypertension. Tissue fractures can be easy to treat, but if left untreated, they can lead to complications such as joint damage, cellulitis, and sepsis. Wounds require sufficient oxygen circulation to recover, but hypertension slows the healing process (Harrison, 2015). Slow...

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Obesity is a global epidemic merely because of the staggering number of people it affects around the world (Wong et al., 15). Obesity is a contributing factor in many medical conditions, such as hypertension, a risk factor for heart disease. Hypertension is more common in adults as their weight increases....

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Conditions Commonly Found in Family

The two most common diseases in the family are diabetes and hypertension. Although the two conditions are often thought to be lifestyle-related illnesses, they are inherited in this case because they run in the family (Gries and Wiedmann 54). Both characteristics are X-linked and prevalent in the maternal family, while...

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