Essays on Blood Pressure

53- year old Stroke Patient, Andrew Marr- a case report

A Presenter's Struggle: Andrew Marr's Stroke RecoveryA presenter named Andrew Marr, 53, suffered a severe stroke two years ago after rupturing his carotid artery during a strenuous rowing workout. Prior to the stroke, he continued to exercise regularly and had no history of high blood pressure. After the stroke, he...

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About Hypertension

The Connection Between Hypertension and Vision LossThe connection between hypertension and vision loss is covered in the article "Reversible Loss of Vision in Malignant Hypertension" by Shukla and Virani. The 35-year-old individual in the article who was assessed by the authors had diminished vision in both of his eyes. With...

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Introduction to child obesity in America

Childhood obesity has long been recognized in the United States as a severe health issue and a barrier to children's motivation. Since the 1970s, the proportion of kids who are obese has more than tripled. Children in the United States who are significantly obese—about 15% of them—are at danger of...

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Persistent hyperglycemia on the neurons of Aaron’s left foot

Pressure Ulcers and Hypertension Pressure ulcers, pressure sours, deep cuts, and pressure wounds were also caused by hypertension.Complications of Untreated Tissue Fractures Tissue fractures can be easy to treat, but if left untreated, they can lead to complications such as joint damage, cellulitis, and sepsis.Hypertension and Slow Wound Healing Wounds require sufficient oxygen...

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Blood Pressure

Should your blood pressure be way lower than it is? by Alice Park aims to establish the benefits of low blood pressure as well as the risks of high blood pressure. According to the article, high blood pressure caused by increased body cholesterol puts a strain on the heart and blood...

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Lifestyle and Heredity

After interviewing my grandmother Quite a few issues pertaining predisposition of diseases via heredity and lifestyle were revealed. My instantaneous family consists of my mother, father, brother, and two sisters. There is no case of a hereditary health circumstance or one relating to a lifestyle choice. However, in my far-off relations,...

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Benefits of having a Dog in Stressful Situations

According to the excerpt from No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog . Every man or woman at some point in life experiences the adverse consequences of stress and depression. Certain factors bring stress such as family issues, impromptu payments and a car battery which is dead....

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