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Sexual Abuse of the Elderly

Up until recently, only a small number of nations in the globe made the issue of elder care a top priority. However, significant progress has been made, and an increasing number of nations are passing laws to safeguard their senior citizens. Sexual abuse in nursing homes, typically committed by nurses,...

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Improving Employee Satisfaction and Reducing Turnover Rates in Nursing Homes

In nursing homes: Investigating variables that can raise nurses' levels of satisfaction In nursing homes, nurse turnover is a major cause for worry because it has an impact on both the staff members' and patients' health. The goal of this proposal is to investigate variables that can raise nurses' levels of...

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Homecare nursing

Homecare Nursing Benefits Homecare nursing is less expensive than nursing home care or hospitalization. Patients can also spend time with persons they care about, with their pets, and in familiar surroundings, which aids in their recuperation. When a patient's blood pressure needs to be checked, homecare nursing is appropriate since a...

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Succession Planning and Organizational Workforce

Park Post-Acute Care Services has long provided exceptional nursing home and health care services to rural Texas. It's a family enterprise. As a result, it is founded on a feeling of shared ideals (Brockhaus, 2004). The leadership team's three-year Strategic Plan failed because it did not consider talent identification techniques....

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Development of bedsores

Bedsores as a Problem facing Nursing Home Residents The development of bedsores is a common public health issue that nursing home patients face. Pressure ulcers are estimated to affect 5% of patients admitted to nursing homes. The purpose of this study is to look into the occurrence of bedsores in nursing...

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rising concerns on the quality of care

There are growing worries about the quality of care provided to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. This has sparked a debate on the elements that influence this quality from both policy and scientific perspectives. To make the topic more understandable, studies comparing various components of care with patient outcomes...

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The article in review is Characteristics and Effectiveness of Fall Prevention Programs in Nursing Homes

Vlaeyen et al., A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials According to the report, falls among the elderly in nursing homes are gradually becoming a source of concern in both emerging and developed countries. Falls among the elderly can have serious medical, physical, social, psychological, and economic consequences. The...

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Timothy Quill's story

In the modern clinical world: Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) or Physician Assisted Death (PAD) In the modern clinical world, one of the most important ethical issues is physician-assisted suicide (PAS) or physician-assisted death (PAD). The situation in which Dr. Timothy Quill had to choose between saving lives and upholding the right...

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Multicultural Competence

Individuals, families, groups, populations, caregivers, and communities receive ambulatory care nursing services throughout their lives (Bardsley, Blunt, Davies, & Dixon, 2013). Ambulatory care nursing encompasses the organizational, professional, and clinical engagement of registered nurses for the above-mentioned groups seeking assistance in improving their overall well-being or seeking treatment for a...

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Integration of EHR and EMR technological system

Meaningful use refers to incorporating EHR and EMR technical systems into healthcare information by prescribing or inscribing electronic technology. Its purpose is to disseminate health information from all health professionals involved in patient care (Ajami et al., 129). Health representatives from various health care agencies, specialists, and nursing homes from...

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