Succession Planning and Organizational Workforce

Park Post-Acute Care Services has long provided exceptional nursing home and health care services to rural Texas. It's a family enterprise. As a result, it is founded on a feeling of shared ideals (Brockhaus, 2004). The leadership team's three-year Strategic Plan failed because it did not consider talent identification techniques. To assist fill the void left by 15 leaders leaving the organization, the corporation must reconsider its short and long-term planning. Current leaders should also consider developing a knowledge management strategy. The short time method recommended for this organization is to train more experienced workers already in the organization to become coaches and mentors. The human resource manager will first gather data on performance evaluation to determine employee’s readiness for development into the possible succession opportunity (Ip and Jacobs, 2006).The main idea is to identify younger talented staff. It also demonstrates that the company values personal knowledge and skills.

The company needs to run innovative and creative recruitment campaigns. The recruited employees will be trained to take leadership positions in future through job shadowing. It is a long-term plan aimed at improving skills at a lower cost since the learners are not on the payroll as employees until they finish the program (Brockhaus, 2004).

Workforce and Succession Plan

The organization should also maintain a knowledge base in its succession plan. The knowledge management systems should cover contacts, processes, and systems. For example, the talented employee should use the knowledge base to complete leadership duties with incumbent’s support (Brockhaus, 2004). The incumbent should report the progress to the human resource manager. The knowledge and skills used by the team of leaders who have worked for 15 years can help talented employees to develop into future leaders of the organization.


Brockhaus, R. H. (2004). Family business succession: Suggestions for future research. Family Business Review, 17(2), 165-177.

Ip, B., & Jacobs, G. (2006). Business succession planning: a review of the evidence. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 13(3), 326-350.

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