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People who have never been to America know it from news and television, so it’s not a surprise that the image of America in the minds of foreigners is largely represented by New York – which is a curious fact for your New York City essay! Authors of New York City essays note that this city is inhabited by over 8 million people from all around the world, which is why over 800 languages are spoken there. Essays on New York City mention that New York is the 24th largest city in the US. The current mayor of New York is Bill de Blasio. Peruse our New York City essay samples – we made sure to list a variety of essays covering different topics. We hope you will find our essay samples helpful!

Political Economic Paradigm

When urbanization occurs as a result of decisions made by select few who yields power in political and economic positions as opposed to natural growth process, then there is existence of political economic paradigm (York University, 2006). The political economy paradigm gives emphasis on how big corporation play big roles in...

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Here Is New York Book

Change is inevitable. It is the norm, the ever-changing and the dynamic environment that brings about the transition. White in his book ‘Here is New York’ gives an insight of the changes that have struck New York since the year 1947. From the tall buildings that existed ages ago to...

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The History of New York City

How was the city settled? Think back to when the city was first created and named. According to Sanderson (2013), native people such as the Canarsees and Lenape were the first occupant of the city and Europeans started exploring the city in 1500’s. It was first named “Nieuw Nederland" by the...

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The New York City Museum

Museum Facilities and Educative Experiences Museum facilities usually have educative roles. They depend on the collections preserved in the museum offer experiences to visitors (Ambrose et al, 22). The Museum City in New York In New York, The Museum City is regarded as an informal institute that offers educative exposures to visitors. The...

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A Walk Through Jackson Heights

In the morning of March 18th at around 11:00 am I set up for a walk in the Jackson Heights Neighbourhood.  My walk started at 70th Street in avenue 34. At avenue 34, I saw a café going by the name Billiards Cafe which was next to a club known...

Words: 1658

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Analysis of The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge: A Historic Landmark The Brooklyn Bridge is celebrated among New Yorkers and those beyond as an iconic landmark that literally conjoins and unifies two sides of the city – Brooklyn and Manhattan. Apart from that, the design and construction of this landmark put an end to some of...

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Sojourner Truth

In 1797, Sojourner Truth's Early Life and Enslavement In 1797, Sojourner Truth was born in New York. Isabella Baumfree was her previous name until she changed it in 1843. (Painter 4). She was African American and worked for women's rights as well as abolition. James and Elizabeth Baumfree, two Ghanaian slaves,...

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The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal and Its Construction The Erie Canal could not have been built without the toil and sacrifice of many individuals. Hawley, who composed a total of fourteen essays while serving a sentence in a debtor's prison, is credited with coming up with the concept for the Erie Canal. (The...

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New York City Congestion Crackdown

I'm writing to call your attention to the failing conditions in New York City on behalf of myself and the residents of the city. We adore this metropolis and are deeply concerned about its present condition. We recognize that your administration is developing and putting into action all required strategies...

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Classes in New York City

The Impact of Social Class on Urban Dwellers The busiest city in the US is New York City, which takes pleasure in being the hub of most important activities as well as commercial transactions even though it is not the country's administrative center. Like any other city, this one has a...

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Rikers Island Prison

The Rikers Island Jail Complex The first jail on Riskers Island was established in 1935, and it currently serves as the primary jail facility in New York City, the capital of the United States. (Gilligan & Lee, 2013). The Rikers Island complex is run by the New York City Department of Correction...

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Harold Weinstein charges on sexual assault

Was it legal for the detectives to use a GPS tracking device to locate the defendant in accordance with New York criminal procedure law, and would the evidence acquired from the GPS be used in the case? Does the pen register permit the use of an unauthorized monitoring device by...

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