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People who have never been to America know it from news and television, so it’s not a surprise that the image of America in the minds of foreigners is largely represented by New York – which is a curious fact for your New York City essay! Authors of New York City essays note that this city is inhabited by over 8 million people from all around the world, which is why over 800 languages are spoken there. Essays on New York City mention that New York is the 24th largest city in the US. The current mayor of New York is Bill de Blasio. Peruse our New York City essay samples – we made sure to list a variety of essays covering different topics. We hope you will find our essay samples helpful!

Mr. New York City Business essay

Mr. New York City is the name of the client. North Eastern United States, North America, Planet Earth Client Information: Mr. NYC was born in 1524, and the customer was 493 years old at the time of this examination. He appears to be a well-groomed, muscular, fully developed man with…

Words: 760

Pages: 3

The Dating Challenges of a College Student in NYC

It’s pretty interesting to see how young people today, particularly college students, date in New York City. They must make important decisions because they are the ones who will guide society in the upcoming generation. On the other hand, courting, dating, and marriage have changed over time. These days, the…

Words: 2814

Pages: 11

An Analysis of Jasper Johns’ According to What

A new type of art that featured works in which painters covered their canvases with abstract forms and fields of color flourished in the 1940s and 1950s in the United States. The term “Abstract Expressionism” was widely adopted by a group of artists whose works and artistic philosophies reflected the…

Words: 1986

Pages: 8

Foot Soldiers

The artwork is called Foot Soldiers, and it was made by renowned artist Christopher Griffith. The project takes the form of a collection of images that all convey the same message about the day-to-day activities and employment of a shoe shiner in New York City. The artist’s task in this…

Words: 860

Pages: 4

The Intersection of Social Change and Art

Both a work of art and a force for social change, “The Dinner Party” It is an installation piece that a female artist named Judy Chicago created with the assistance of other women. The artwork, which is displayed in The Brooklyn Museum in New York City, is dubbed a recreation…

Words: 947

Pages: 4

About Michael Bloomberg

One of the most well-known philanthropists in the world is Michael Bloomberg. In addition to being a successful businessman and former mayor of New York City, Bloomberg has invested his riches in charity causes. Health, education, and the environment have benefited from the philanthropist’s donations. Bloomberg has impacted significantly on…

Words: 759

Pages: 3

About Ideeli Inc.

Ideeli Inc. is a New York-based flash selling and online shopping business. Paul Hurley, a lifelong capitalist, created it in 2006. His aim was to build a marketing channel after realizing that e-commerce was not only trending but also stealing market share from brick and mortar companies. Ideeli reached a…

Words: 630

Pages: 3

the starry night

The starry night is a well-known oil painting by Vincent Van Gogh that was completed in 1889 and is now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This work of art not only portrays high quality work, but it also demonstrates the artist’s mental…

Words: 821

Pages: 3

Seated Male Figure with Lance

The Bamana figures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are a fine example of how the human form has been represented by works of art. Accent communities used such statistics as the point of fusion of Jo and Gwan launch social orders (male-female relationships) in a few villages in southern…

Words: 1051

Pages: 4

Nick Cave’s Sound Suit

Nick’s cave sound suits have been described as one of the most fantastic artworks of all time since he puts so much of his imagination into providing original things to his audience. The artwork was on display in Nashville’s Frist Center, among other exhibits (Paramore 1). It is a work…

Words: 897

Pages: 4


Yayoi Kusama, an artist in the art industry, celebrated her 87th birthday in 2016, and the insights she has acquired over the years are visible in her work. In the 1960s, her radical shows included underground polka dot “Happenings,” a demonstration that was demonstrated on the streets of New York….

Words: 566

Pages: 3

Michelle Donaldson’s

Michelle Donaldson works as an educationist in New York Department of Education the place she focuses on educating young adults helping them understand their life goals within the New York City Public School system. Michelle Donaldson holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from Pace University. She has served various…

Words: 298

Pages: 2

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