The New York windshield survey

New York City is a city in the state of New York in the northeastern United States of America (USA), with a population of around 8.1 million people. It is the most populous city in New York, with a population of around 19.3 million people. It can be proved that the city's population increased by 166,500 persons between the years 2000 and 2010. (Gates & Cooke, 2011). From the windshield survey, it can be established that there are more than enough housing units in the city and this coincides with the 2010 census which indicated that there are 3.3 million units in the city but only 3.1 million units have been occupied. The census report also indicates that the housing units increased from 3.2 million units in the year 2000 to 3.3 million units in the 2010 (Gates & Cooke, 2011).

Traffic and Transportation

There is evidence of public transportation in the city for example, the bus system and the subway system. For private means of transportation, people use the taxi services to reach places during late hours and to reach places that cannot be reached through public means.

Business and Industry

From the windshield survey, it is evident that there are a lot of small and medium sized enterprises located in various places within the city, as well as, large companies, for example, MetLife. This coincides with the fact that the city is considered to be a regional economy for the USA. The numbers of people that are employed and those that are running their very own businesses are both high.

Religious Centers

It can be established that a majority of the people living in New York are Christians due to the large presence of Churches across the city. However, it can be established there are Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhism.


New York City has a number of streets namely; Wall Street, Broadway, Canal Street, Maiden Lane, Bowery Street, and Madison Park.

Health Services

From the windshield survey, I could identify a lot of health institutions in New York City which offer a variety of health services to the population, for example, the Adult Mental Health Services and the Gouverneur Health Medical Center.


Education is well attained in the city and this can be concluded due to the presence of a lot of High Schools and Universities in the region. It can also be established that city is home to some of the well-known libraries and research centers in the world.

Public park spaces

There are various parks in the city and they exist in 3 categories namely; State, Federal, and Municipal owned parks. Some of the parks include Forest Park and Central Park.

Culture and entertainment

In terms of music, art, architecture, museums, cuisines, and festivals, the culture of the bay region is diverse, for example, the Armory show and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A vulnerable and population within the region

It can be established that the population within the region is aging. The state of New York is home to the 3rd largest elderly population in the USA. According to the census 2010 results, there are over 2.5 million people in New York over the age of 65 (Bogue, Anderton, & Barrett, 2010), thus, there are a variety of health risks that this population is faced with, for example, diabetes (Rodin, 1986). One of the greatest health disparity in the region is the health the inequality that exist between people of different socioeconomic status, race, and age. To develop a successful health promotion and disease prevention program discrimination in the bay region needs to be overcome.


New York City’s population can be referred to as an aging population. This implies that the population is most likely to be faced with health risks that take advantage of old age. The health inequalities in the region are the main health disparity in the region and it needs to be overcome so as to come up with an effective health promotion program in the region.


Bogue, D. J., Anderton, D. L., & Barrett, R. E. (2010). The population of the United States. Simon and Schuster.

Gates, G. J., & Cooke, A. M. (2011). United States census snapshot: 2010.

Rodin, J. (1986). Aging and health: Effects of the sense of control. Science, 233, 1271-1277.

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