Essays on Overpopulation

The Impact of Population Aging on Australian Society

Population Aging in Australia Population aging refers to increasing median age of a region's population contributed by rising expectancy and declining fertility rates (Kulik et al, 2014). There has been an exponential growth of the aging population in Australia over the decades driven by remarkable advances in birth control, medicine, and...

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Population Control in China

China's Rising Economy There is no doubt that China is a rising economy. China's rise in the world economic equation is vital in the world's political matrix. This can be seen in the military prowess and the world influence including the spread of Chinese culture. The high Chinese population which is...

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The Effects of Overcrowding in Prisons

The proliferation of crime in civilized societies creates the need for interventions by officers of the law to restore order and ensure that people respect the individual freedoms of their fellow citizens. The prison system offers one way of reducing crime by incarcerating offenders in a way that respects their...

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The Relationship Between Climate Change and Population

Today, the crisis that has posed the greatest concern on the planet earth is the overpopulation issue (Ehrlich, 2002). The threat of overpopulation and the constant rapid increase has greatly impacted and is still projected to severely impact the affairs of the various state nations, developed and developing, the poor...

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Human Impact on the Environment

World Population Growth and Resource Sustainability Over the decades, the world population has ever been on the rise, with no sign of slowing down. According to York (14), today there is an estimated more than seven billion people as a result of the fast growth rate. This is a mind-blowing revelation...

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The History of New York City

How was the city settled? Think back to when the city was first created and named. According to Sanderson (2013), native people such as the Canarsees and Lenape were the first occupant of the city and Europeans started exploring the city in 1500’s. It was first named “Nieuw Nederland" by the...

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The Impact of Illegal Immigrants on the US Economy

The impact of illegal immigration on the American economy has increasingly become a national debate in the United States over the last decade. The issue has already turned political with President Donald Trump indicating that illegal immigration is the primary cause of low wage and high unemployment among the American...

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Population and Climate Change

Climate change has become a topic of concern in recent times, with different organizations focusing their efforts towards evaluation on the impact of climate change and its effects on the environment, animals and the human race. Demographic trends in the globe have an essential connection and role regarding both the...

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The Importance of Safe Community Environments

In accordance to the World Health Organization The term health refers to a state of complete mental, social, as well as physical wellbeing therefore, this term extends beyond the mare absence of either infirmity or disease. Moreover, it is also defined as a state that allows a person to cope adequately...

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Dog Breeding and Overpopulation

Purchasing a Hybrid Dog Many individuals would ask themselves whether purchasing a hybrid dog is a problematic issue even if the vendor is trustworthy. Another question one should ask is why pet breeding is irresponsible. Despite a vast number having pets in their homes, we still have millions of homeless dogs...

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Population Control in China

About twenty-five years ago, China’s main concern was that it had a very high birth rate, too high to provide support for. As China limited its birth rate and introduced a birth control policy this matter came under control. However, as a result of the one-child policy, China has a...

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Use of Common Property in Addressing Common Problems

Common Property and its Role in Addressing Common Problems Common property refers to items, equipment, or property that has two or more owners. Goods from the natural environment, such as oceans, wilderness, and the atmosphere, are also termed as common property. In the past three decades, there has been a significant...

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